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Things to Say on Asian Women Dating APP to Make Them Fall in Love With You (Or At Least Get Your Attention)

If it feels as if Asian girls ignore you on Asian women dating APP, or worse, run away whenever you open your mouth to talk to them, it’s probably because the things you are saying aren’t exactly something they want to hear (either that or your breath smells really bad).

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You may be one of those guys who believe in the widespread misconception that gorgeous Asian women are easy to get so you keep repeating those cliché things to get them interested in you.

Or you may be one of those guys who’re trying to meet Asian girls by telling them the things you should never say to a girl you like. We’re almost two decades into the new century, but it appears that many men haven’t learned yet that insulting women to get their attention or treating them badly just because someone told them that even mature Asian ladies love bad guys (not that kind of “bad”!) will not help you meet Chinese women (in the worst-case scenario, you might get punched in the face… or worse, in the nuts!).

So for all those fellas who never insult Chinese girls but still aren’t as successful around the ladies as they would like to be, what can you say if you’re looking for tall Asian women to make her fall in love with you?

Let us warn you that throwing these phrases around unnaturally will not get you far, and it might look obvious that you’re trying to hard. This isn’t how to get a tall Asian girl to like you. Instead, take your time and say these non-cliché things when the moment is right.

Things to say to a Chinese woman to get her to like you

  1. It may seem like it’s just words, but you’d be surprised how many womenwould kill to hear a man say, “I’m here for you,” especially when the girl feels upset, saddened or troubled about something in her life. However, saying these words isn’t enough, as desirable men must also deliver their promises.

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  1. If you know what Chinese marriage is like, you probably know that they appreciate it when their boyfriend is capable of listening, especially when they are disagreeing about something. Instead of arguing with her to prove your point, try saying, “I never thought about it like that.”
  2. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Chinese women love it when they are right about something. And when she is truly right about something, admit it by saying “You’re right.” Unfortunately, the vast majority of men are not capable of saying these two words for some reason.
  3. Hearing a man say “I’m sorry” is just as rare as hearing him admit that his girlfriend or wife is right about something. If you are capable of saying sorry, you will definitely get a girl’s attention. Moreover, she might even consider you as a candidate to be her boyfriend (after all, men who are able to take the fault are a huge rarity these days!).
  4. Anything that starts with “Remember when…” will get a Chinese woman’s attention as long as you are referring to some positive moment you spent together. For example, let’s say that you met through online dating for singlestwo years ago and you decided to bring up the good memories of when the two of you newly met each other and the sweet moments.
  5. If there is something that can make a girl excited more than a bottle of wine with delicious cheese and fruit than it’s hearing a man say, “I’m so happy with you.” Even men who are genuinely happy in a relationship rarely say this phrase, which makes it even more precious and invaluable in the eyes of Asian beauties.
  6. It’s never a bad idea to say “Thank you” to show your appreciation. If you’re a human being and have a heart, hearing the person you like show his or her appreciation can warm you up from the inside even on the coldest night in winter. So yeah, learn to swallow your pride to say “Thank you” from time to time.

That’s about it. Saying these non-cliché things to a girl will work wonders like no cheesy pickup line can.