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Things you can do with your Chinese date to stay in the cupcake phase of your relationship

A cupcake phase of a relationship is a phase in which a couple is so much in love that people around them sometimes cannot stand it. It is that part of your relationship with your Chinese date which reveals new things every time you meet your partner and when you are totally blinded to her flaws. When you date Asian women, in the initial phase, there will be kisses and hugs and nicknames and baby talk when you begin to fall in love with your date. Everything about the relationship may look cheesy to a third person. There are many occasions where you may have finished one year of dating with your Chinese girl and still be in the cupcake phase of your relationship. It is possible that you and your partner may not be keen on getting out of this phase for sometime more. Here are certain things to keep in mind if you want to prolong the cupcake phase in your relationship.
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  • You can keep the act of cuddling going with your potential Chinese brides. After some time is elapsed since you have started dating them, it is natural that you would become comfortable with your partners and then slowly ease up on the physical affection bit. If you need to stretch your cupcake phase, then you may have to keep the cuddling going for a little while longer. This is a good way for staying physically and emotionally connected to your date.
  • After you have selected your dating partner from a Chinese chat room, you have to start spending some quality time with her. It is not about the amount of time you spend with her but how you spend that time, together. There is no need to plan crazy dates but you can easily spend your time in a manner that connects you strongly to your dating partner. For example, you can go for walks and take her on picnics.Chinese gf
  • You may have to keep the love lingo going with your girl Chinese. The special nicknames you gave her would need to be retained and put to good use.  You will also have to keep taking those cute selfies and sending her the text messages in the mornings. You will have to keep showing your dating partner that she still manages to turn you on and that she is all the time on your mind.
  • You will have to keep the seduction going with your Chinese date on that international dating website. You have to understand that sex does not come easy until you seduce your dating partner sufficiently. It is seduction which keeps the flame alive in a romance. Chinese girlYu will have to dig deep and find out about the love language preferred by your partner and use that language to seduce her. Black men can seduce Chinese women easily when compared to white European and American men. Chinese women and black men do hit it off nicely.
  • Listen attentively to your Chinese gf. Listening patiently when she speaks to you is important when you want to keep the relationship going in a strong way. When you listen genuinely to what she says and pay attention to all the issues concerning her, it will make her soft and mushy on you. Listening denotes caring for somebody.
  • You have to start giving each other a little space in your relationship. This will help the cupcake phase going. Space will always help your partner appreciate the relationship you are in and it would keep the Chinese girl easy.
  • Show her that you appreciate her company and try out new experiences together. Appreciation will help tell your dating partner that you are fully aware of what she means to you and that you are thankful for that. Acknowledge her acts of kindness and it will bring in novelty to your cupcake phase. Try out new ways of keeping the excitement going during your dates.Asian Singles,Philipino girls,