Chinese beauty

Things You Should Never Say to Your Crush

Let’s look at dating with Chinese girl as sitting in a church. There are certain things you cannot say in a church. And there are things you should never say in a relationship with a Chinese beauty.

sexy Chinese girls1.“This is such a beautiful girl”

Your Chinese girlfriend sure knows that you’re checking out other girls, but in no way should you voice your admiration of other girls’ looks or bodies in front of your girl.
Keep your admiration of sexy Chinese girls to yourself, as no girl wants to hear her boyfriend talk about some other girl and worse – go on and on about how sexy that girl is.

2.“My ex was / used to…”

If you’ve found your girl on a Chinese girl dating website, know this: Chinese girls are very jealous and possessive when it comes to romantic relationships. So in no way should you mention your ex in any conversation with your girlfriend.
The only thing your current girlfriend needs to know is that you’ve completely forgotten about all of your ex-girlfriends.

In Asian dating, if you tell your girlfriend that your ex used to make great sandwiches, be sure: you won’t avoid a conflict. Or she might make it look as if she didn’t mind on your comment about sandwiches, but she’ll surely remind you about it during one of your fights.

3.“I’m no good for you.”

Chinese women are very self-esteem, which is why you should avoid phrases like “I’m no good for you” at all costs.
If you start telling your Chinese girlfriend about how bad you are compared to her and how lucky you are to even be talking to her, she will in fact start doubting about your credentials of being her boyfriend.

Chinese women are very sensitive when it comes to words, so pay a close attention to the things you say. Or you may end up being dumped by a Chinese girl and spend hours looking at Chinese women photos online to find at least some comfort.

Chinese women4.“I’m in no mood for dating.”

It’s a myth that women are the only creatures in the world who use that phrase to turn down the offer to have dating.
It’s a huge blow to every girl’s self-esteem to hear such a phrase. She may even think that she is unable to turn you on anymore, which may develop problems with her self-esteem and worse, she may start seeing herself as ‘ugly’, or ‘fat’ or whatever she comes up with.
If you truly cannot have dating for some reason, explain it to your girlfriend the way it is. Don’t lie and really give her the explanation why you cannot spend a day with her and make her feel desired.
No girl wants to ever be rejected. Especially not by their own boyfriends. So eliminate the phrase “I’m in no mood for dating” out of your vocabulary.