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Three Beautiful Women From Chinese Dating Sites explain why it’s important to love women for life

We caught up with three Asian beauties currently looking for Mr. Right on Chinese dating sites. All three are intelligent, well-educated and financially independent. However, true love has managed to escape them up until this point. Snow, Xiang and Liuxiu are all beautiful sexy Chinese women.


Snow is a talented, smart and attractive lady and just 46 years old. She is an upper manage/executive in a multinational company, a certified chef, has a master’s in business administration. She can stun anyone with her incredible voice at karaoke. On top of all this, she deals with children alone having divorced from her husband. Regardless of all the heartbreak caused by her romantic life so far, she’s determined that the man who will truly love her for life is still out there. At 46, she doesn’t want to be just another hot Chinese girlfriend. She is willing to meet new people and exploring new cultures. She likes traveling and if you are the one who also likes traveling, you can enjoy her company by having a good tie with her. She had enough life experiences to know when someone is playing her, and she won’t stand for it.


Liuxiu is 34 years old. She did her masters with honor and she is running a home business now. She is loving and caring. She is not the one who always give priority to business, she is interested in enjoying life all the way. Her interests are dinning out, traveling, dancing, cooking, hiking, watching movies, shopping, having pets, playing cards and other sports. Now if you are interested in seeing beautiful young Chinese girls, just look at her. She looks young. She is in search of a man who can enjoy life with her. If you’re interested in Liuxiu then be sure to think of her as more than just a Chinese woman photo on your phone. She simply wants to find a man that will love her for life. If you are a right person, she will treat you as a king.


Xiang is one of those ladies who gives a young look like beautiful young Chinese girls. She knows exactly what she wants from life.  She is 52, and she is divorced. She has children as well.  Up until this point, no man that she has met has lived up to her high expectations and she’s dated a fair few! Every time she’s begun to fall for someone they’ve turned out to have an ugly side that only comes out when the initial romance wears off. Snow and Liuxiu say that they admire her for being picky. She is kind hearted and cheerful woman who loves to travel. She enjoys cooking, shopping and watching movies. Now, she is looking for a kind and generous man. A man should be cheerful if he wants to attract Xiang.

While interviewing, the first question we asked them is, “do Chinese women make good wives?” To which they all answered yes at the same time without even thinking. Then they looked at each other and giggled with such charming elegance that we all began to laugh.

Then, rather cheekily perhaps, we asked whether Chinese or Japanese women make better wives? Luckily, they saw the funny side of our silly question and laughed politely. Snow then answered by saying, “Chinese and Japanese girls can be very similar or very different. There is no point in generalizing.  Most women will make good wives if you are willing to be a good husband. The other two nodded with feverish agreement.

The interview went on like this for some time and it became apparent to us that these were three incredible women that had been let down so many times in their lives by men. Their courage and strength was admirable and it seemed crazy that any man would let any of them slip away. All of their responses were dignified and intelligent and it seemed that all they really wanted was a deep and intimate companionship that would stand the tests of time. After all the heartache they were still willing to give everything they had in return for lifelong love. Truly wonderful women.