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Three Irresistible Chinese Beauties Looking For Love in 2017

Hey, dude, you have been looking for the lady of your dreams, but no see. Now here is the best chance for you to say goodbye to the bachelors’ club by getting yourself one of these three gorgeous and magnificently beautiful Chinese women looking to fall in love this year. This will be a marvelous year for you whether you are looking for Korean vs. Japanese vs. Chinese women. There are plenty of hot beauties on chnlove.com are looking for Mr. Right; you never know your Chinese dream girl is only a click away. Dear Mr. Single Man, please meet these three beautiful Chinese girls.

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Lily is an amazingly beautiful middle-aged lady from Wuhan, Hubei. Born in 1975, Lily is a loyal Chinese girl with such a good figure. Lily says she has always maintained a slim figure and everyone who knows her praises her good temperament. Lily is cheerful and has a lively personality that will make you entertained all night long. This is surely Lily’s strongest point.

If you are the kind that loves traveling, then Lily is all-yours. This beauty from Wuhan, Hubei has crisscrossed many countries due to management job requirements. She has always enjoyed learning new culture about the people in the countries she has visited. Lily is an open-minded beauty who likes new ideas, and her exploratory spirit makes her an easy-going lady. During her part-time, you will find Lily reading, shopping and trying out new things. So if you have an interesting book title, you can recommend it for her to read.

Are you romantic, sincere, kind, responsible and tolerating? If you don’t possess these qualities, please keep off this lady. She doesn’t want another heartbreak like one that made her divorced. However, if you possess these attributes, Lily is hoping to meet you soon.


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Janie is a Miss Charming Voice who will send you falling in love when you hear her voice. As a teacher, she says that many students get interested in English lessons just by hearing her sweet bedtime voice. Born is 1962, Janie is among the best older Chinese ladies you can get in China.

Janie spent her younger years playing basketball for her Hubei province where she is proud for winning the championship. She fell for the iconic basketball man, Jordan- well; it’s good to have a crush. Janie enjoys ballroom dancing, traveling, watching movies and listening to music. With Janie, you will have all the time in the world as she attends school when she has lessons only. So you can guess it; she is free most of the time. She will be all your man.

Janie wants a man who will love her with all his heart. She wants a man to warm her, cherish her and make her home complete. Are you that guy?

Yumei Zhou Zhou

Chinese woman

Here comes another amazing middle-aged lady for you. Yumei Zhou is the Chinese lady who will introduce you to the culture and tradition of China. Yumei, financial audit, wants to enjoy the benefits of marriage life again after ten years of coldness and loneliness.

With Yumei, you don’t need to search for means to settle down. She owns her home and wants you to make her home lively, and love her unconditionally. When not playing with huge mathematical figures at her workplace, Yumei likes to watch movies, traveling, cooking and reading. She is mature, of good temperament and well groomed. You will also get occasional poems written just for you.

You are probably wondering, “are Chinese women loyal?” You will love their loyalty and respect towards you. If you are ready to say goodbye to the bachelor club, these are the girls to date. They want real men to get into a meaningful relationship that will lead to marriage. If you love chin, marry China girl, and you won’t regret.