Tips on What Russian women want and value

Oh boy! It’s not just beautiful Russian women. It’s all women. But for some reason there’s this myth that Eastern Europe women are a different breed all together than their counterparts in other regions of the world. That this one group of beautiful women is somehow superior and they have some appealing qualities which highlight their femininity. Maybe they do.

I had two pretty Russian women friends when I was in college and the only thing that kept us as comradres was the fact that we were foreigners and shared some values and traditions. E.g. One wa Russian women s we were such a long way from home, two, we had different accents and three beef broth was staple
diet in our home countries. Yes seriously. That’s it. Everything else I could never keep up.

They were very charming and beautiful in a kind of mysterious way. The boys loved that.

The always looked neat and trendy with the latest fashions and did their makeup and hair exquisitely.

They were very traditional and could never kiss a boy on the first date or be seen showing public displays of affection.

They talked to their family every week. Strong family values.

But funny, over the years we meet up and go to the Russian district to go look for some Shchi – cabbage soup or Borsch, meat or chicken broth, Ukha, fish or just sit outside the cafes for coffee it is the same old story.

What single Russian women want in a man is not complicated at all. Below are a few Russian dating tips that you can apply when looking for Russian women for marriage.

A man with purpose: Not just a man who sits on the couch all day watching TV or on their computer. What do you do to make the world or your community a better place? This Russian babe isn’t taking nothing for less.

A Confident man: What’s wrong with being confident as Demi Laratto sings. Absolutely nothing. You don’t have to be smart or good-looking or even rich but dude you do need to be confident! Beautiful Russian women want to see a man walk like he owns it.

Sexiness: Hmmm… Bring sexy back for heaven’s sake! Actor John Statham plays an East European thug in some movie and exudes that swag all through, touching his woman slightly at the right time and place, whispering sweet nothings as he strokes his woman’s hair. Sexy Russian women
get turned on by sexiness. Russian women value men that prepare and swoon them in preparation for a hot night!Russian singles

A man who doesn’t whine: No woman, Russian girl or not values a man who is always looking for something to complain and moan about. The guy who nit-picks on everything even things he cannot control,from the weather to his beer! Urgh. There is
nothing good ever going on for this guy. Not his job, his boss, his dog, his food, his life…get the picture? Go whine to your mama, mama’s boy!

Clever: Note. Not nerd. Not intelligent. Just clever. Russian women value socially clever men. The next verbal cue comes out like you didn’t even try. Men who can communicate with warmth and attentiveness. Such a turn on for these Russian beauties!

Empathy: If you’re looking to date a beautiful Russian woman you’d better show some care or empathy for the waiter serving you. Fine they love it that you’re strong and dominant but they also want to see your defects and vulnerability. And for heaven’s sake tip the guy well. She’s watching to see if you’re a mean and miser bastard. Deal breaker wanna be lover boy!

Warm heartedness: A man who treats other people well. Is not willing to be pushed around by other people. Can stand his own ground not by forms of brawls and curses but with just the right approach. Russian women love men that can connect with people. Maturity.

Independence: So Ne-yo sings about falling crazily in love with this girl that he finds so independent. Guess what fellas? Them sexy Russian beauties love Independent men too. A man that can live his own life if he ends up being in the relationship. Men are born leaders that’s why women are so turned on by politicians, CEOs etc. A leader who exudes authority is the bedrock of this beautiful sexy Russian girl. A man who’s got his shit together and doesn’t rely on others to get to where he needs to be. The guy who is spontaneous, adventurous comes up with the coolest or unusual of things to do. That’s the man!

These hot Russian girls aren’t asking for much. No sireee.

Dude! Arm yourself with these Russian women dating tips and take them to the bank! Or maybe you think got it all down? Aww c’mon you know could use some dating Russian women advice. Take it, use it, make it work for you and go out there like the man you are and get yourself some Russian TLC!

Удачи мальчик любовника – Good luck lover boy!