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Top Ideas to Impress Your Chinese Date

Are you dating a Chinese Woman? Don’t know how to plan a Chinese date in terms of what she might expect and what might shock her? Well here, is an article to help you with some of the locations that will be perfect for your date and won’t shock your Chinese GF because of the cultural difference.

When it comes to Chinese vs Japanese girls, Chinese girls come from a culture where dating has been a big no-no for a long time. They have been under the pressure of early marriage since centuries and things have started to change just now. The lady you are dating might in fact be the first of mature Chinese ladies in the family to be dating before marriage.mature Chinese ladies

In China, dating before marriage mostly means marriage is on the table with the same guy, there is always nothing casual about it. So, you might as well want to start by discussing what your date prefers on a first date and take it from there. Here are some out of the box places/locations where you can go to for your first date and hopefully your girl friend will want to go on a second date with you once the day is over or a Chinese marriage might be on the cards.

Take a Coffee Walk

When you look at a Chinese beautiful girl photo, you can almost always say that the girl will be a no non-sense, school topper. To make sure that you are doing it right, ask your girl for a coffee walk as your first date. A coffee walk is the process of grabbing your favorite coffee and walking in the streets while talking to each other. This idea can be a coffee date in a new way where you won’t have to sit in a coffee shop and get bored.

Visit a Theme Park

If you are dating a tall Chinese woman and if she has an adventurous streak to her, taking her to theme park will be a great idea. This place will be crowded, so the lady won’t have to worry about you being a creepy psycho killer plus the fun vibe of the place will balance the awkwardness of the date and will give you loads of talking material.Chinese women

Watch and Outdoor Movie/Concert

This idea is for pleasant weather days. Outdoor movies and theatre have a charm of their own and they are free too. If you think your Chinese date would like to spend a quite on first date, you can check out the local newspaper for fun and simple entertainment option like this one.

Become a Tourist

Become a tourist in your own city and go on a sight-seeing spree with your date. If you have recently shifted to your current city, this will be a great opportunity to explore the city and enjoy a date. This idea will be loved by most ladies because it includes outdoors, which means they won’t have to worry about having a safe date with someone they have met recently. Chinese women would really appreciate if you plan a trip in advance all by yourself.

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Take a Dance Class

If you are seeing a fun-loving Chinese woman, enrolling to a dance class will be great idea to spend some quality time together. Learn a new and challenging dance form, step out of your comfort zone and learn more about each other while you groove to the music, together.

Plan a Whole Day

If you have always been online dating women till now and you are finally planning to meet your girlfriend, you can think about planning a whole day out with her. Start from where to have your breakfast or even better, go for a run together and take it from there to right to the dinner at her favorite place. Spending a day together will give you a whole new insight into her personality and who knows you might as well fall in love, head over heels.

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