Chinese Dating

Unlocking the Mysteries of the East – An Intimate Guide to Chinese Dating

Around 1 in 7 people on the planet are Chinese which means there are millions of sexy Chinese girls out there, on Chinese dating sites maybe. So, of course, when it comes to Chinese dating there is no competition for Chinese women vs Japanese Women. However, young Chinese girls are not always the easiest to get to know well.

Many will often see a Chinese beautiful girl photo when swiping through dating apps but many have also confessed that they don’t understand Chinese dating culture. A lot of people want to meet Chinese women but admit that they can often be guarded, shy and reserved.

This article suggests some deep questions you might want to ask a traditional Chinese woman in order to feel more connected with her. If you want to meet Chinese girls and develop a serious relationship built on a deep mutual understanding of each other then this article could help.

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Ask her about her family…

Traditional Chinese culture regards the family with ultimate importance. A powerful family is called a dynasty. The Chinese are very proud to be part of a dynasty and are expected to reserve ultimate loyalty towards their family. While that may seem daunting to a man who wants to get serious with a Chinese girl, it’s actually very endearing. It takes time to build up a mutual respect and trust in any relationship but if you are able to do it with a Chinese girl then you will enter her family. Once you are initiated, a sacred bond is created and your Chinese bride will love you with fierce loyalty until the very end.

Ask her what her dream holiday would be…

Although Chinese girls can seem shy they often have vivid and powerful ambitions. However, it’s not always easy to get a Chinese girl to share her desires with you. This is because she doesn’t want you to feel inadequate if you can’t provide. If you’re strong enough to handle that possibility then encourage your girlfriend to share her dream holiday with you. It will help you to understand what makes her happy. Knowing this will pull you closer to her. Being able to do the things that make her happy would be even better!young Chinese girls

Ask her about her favorite childhood memories…

When someone talks about their childhood it often looks as if their face grows younger. Allowing your Chinese girlfriend to share intimate stories from her past with you will definitely create a closer bond. Once she has revisited being a child and shared those moments with you from a comfortable and loving place the intimacy will reach dizzying heights.

Ask her how she imagines her life in 10 years time…

When a Chinese girl gets serious about dating she will inevitably consider where it’s going. By confronting her on this at the right time you’ll be able to start heading in the same direction. Chinese girls want to know that you are ready to commit your future towards a unified happiness. Ask her how she sees her life in 10 years time and make her know you want to be the man to help her get there.

Ask her what her greatest fear is…

When a Chinese girl feels comfortable she will trust you knowing very deep things about her. By exposing her vulnerability it’s an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship. Make your Chinese girlfriend feel safe in the knowledge that you will do everything in your power to prevent her fears from materializing.


When dating has gone well for a while a relationship needs to become deeper to progress healthily. Chinese girls are sensitive and require a man who will be both supportive and assertive. By asking the right questions you’ll gain the responsibility of knowing your Chinese girlfriend more intimately. That kind of knowledge lays at the heart of true love; use it to make your partner feel secure and happy.