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Vivian – Long-Haired Beauty

Oh, man, I have always been a sucker for long, luscious hair. Raven locks that drape over a woman’s shoulders and down her back. The kind of hair that spreads out on her pillow like a soft nest cradling her head–and yours too, if you’re lucky. And the pale, soft white skin of Chinese women contrasts so amazingly with a their hair, especially those long, long tresses.

asian beautiesMeet Vivian, one of those long-haired Asian beauties we all love so much, but with a killer smile that is quite unique among Chinese mail order brides. That’s a smile that can get anything its owner wants!

“Do you like my smile?” she asks on her profile. “Is my smile bringing you some warmth?”

Well, yes. Yes it is, my dear.

Vivian might just be the last single Chinese girl you need to check out on an online Chinese dating service–if you play your cards right. She’s looking for a man who is honest, sincere, and kind, the type of guy who will give her a kiss when he comes home from work and finds her cooking his dinner.

And although she says she comes from a land that is “beautiful and mysterious,” just like she is, she is not afraid to reveal her true self to the right man:

“I am graceful and sexy with a mysterious veil–would you like to pull my veil off?”

Again, the answer is a resounding yes. Obviously!

And here’s the best part of her profile. She asks, “After showering, would you mind drying my long hair? I will give you a sweet night in return…”

Well…damn. This is clearly an adventurous girl who knows what she wants. And if you ask me, she knows how to get it! Her profile pretty much has to be the end of the line when searching for Chinese brides online!