Dating a Chinese Girl

Want to Be Dating a Chinese Girl? Create a Good Online Dating Profile First

If dating a Chinese girl seems like a distant and unrealistic dream, it’s probably because your online dating profile isn’t good enough. If it was, you would be getting dozens of messages from single Chinese brides on a weekly basis.

Yes, if you’ve spent a fair amount of time on creating your dating profile, you have the potential to become the magnet for the Chinese girl of your dreams. All it takes is follow a few simple tips on how to create a good profile, and that’s it: you’ll be successful in online dating for singles.

Chinese girl

Most men looking for women to date on online dating sites spend just a few minutes to fill out their dating profiles and end up having a hard time finding a match (no surprise here).

We have looked at hundreds of dating profiles of men on Chinese dating free websites to figure out what makes a good dating profile and how you can become instantly popular on a Chinese dating site by simply editing your current profile or creating a new one from scratch.

  1. Forget about shirtless photos. You may have the body of the sexiest male bodybuilder or Mr. Olympia, but resist posting pictures of yourself shirtless, because it’s kind of douchey.
  2. Avoid posting pictures of yourself holding a fish. There’s plenty of fish in the sea if you’re trying to find the pretty Chinese woman of your dreams on an online dating site, but all the fish… erm, women will swim away from you if you have at least one of those stupid photos in which you brag about the fish you caught.
  3. Post more photos of yourself. As it turns out, many men go from one extreme to the other when it comes to posting photos on an online dating site. While a large percentage of guys post only one or two photos of themselves (which is far from enough if you’re trying to catch the eye of a beautiful Chinese woman), many others include way too many irrelevant photos that don’t show themselves.Chinesegirls for marriage
  4. Don’t post photos of your car, money, or tech. Speaking of photos that don’t show yourself… You will come off as trying to show off too much if you post photos in which you pose in front of your fancy car, stacks of money, or some super enviable tech device (such as the newest iPhone). A woman from Chinese dating culture will not be impressed. At best, she’ll think to herself, “What a douche.”
  5. Don’t post selfies from the bathroom mirror. Long gone are the days when posting selfies from the bathroom mirror were “cool.” Ask your friend to take a normal photo of you instead of taking that embarrassing photo in the bathroom. Seriously, you look like a teenage girl experimenting with Instagram filters in the bathroom.
  6. Don’t lie in your dating profile. While it’s probably a cliché thing to say, for some reason, men still lie in their dating profile in an attempt to attract more single Chinese brides. While lying in your dating profile may score you more dates, your lies will most likely be exposed at the first date or even during a China video chat(so is it even worth it?).
  7. Be respectful to women in your dating profile. No one wants to read in your dating profile that you don’t want to date women who don’t look like supermodels, nor does anyone want to read that you don’t date women who have children. Don’t ruin the first impression about yourself when you are on single women dating sites.

We’re just going to leave these tips here so that you can learn from the mistakes of other men who had terrible dating profiles and had little to no success in dating Chinese women.Asian Singles,Philipino girls,