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Ways to Avoid Miscommunication – tips from a Russian Dating Site

A Russian Dating Site is a great place to meet Russian girls. There are all kinds of hot sexy Russian girls using online dating and, this might shock you, they come with all kinds of personalities. One might be an emotional blonde Russian girl with seven dogs. Another could be a reserved brunette with a penchant for mini golf. The point is, dating apps are inundated with Russian girls images of all kinds. What’s importance is whether your compatibility will go deeper than you’re gawking, lusty eyes.

Imagine you meet that hot Russian blonde and the fireworks fly instantly. At some point, the wildfire of initial passion will stabilize. It will no longer be enough to make jokes about how she should be a Russian mail order bride or how you’re a spy for the CIA. The time will come where conversations will either need more substance or break down. Developing healthy conversational habits will dramatically increase the chance of building a strong and lasting bond. This article looks at some ways of avoiding miscommunication when things begin to get more serious.Russian women

Ask before you speculate

Pretty Russian women will have different moods like anyone. When you first meet a girl and the romance erupts rapidly there’s little time to think. Every moment the chemicals of love surge through your blood and invigorate a passion for life. Unfortunately, they cannot last forever. That by no means suggests the love is not still there in all its blazing glory. Indeed, you might be so in love with your dream woman that it makes you uncontrollably sensitive. You begin to notice every little thing. You might even care enough to realize she’s sad about something. Well, instead of distorting it with your own fears, such as imagining she’s now thinks your vermin fit only for the streets, it might be worth just inquiring. But don’t nag her! If you ask if something is wrong and she says no, then leave it at that. Either there is something wrong so remain sensitive and supportive until she’s ready to share, or there isn’t anything wrong so stop thinking too much!

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Jealousy Grows in Dark Places

If you’ve noticed a guy that your girlfriend seems to like, then keep it to yourself until one day you see them walking in the park together and absolutely lose it. Throw her suitcase out the window so it crashes through the windscreen of her brand-new car below and then call your mum crying…That was a joke. Don’t do that. Definitely don’t do that.

Once the seed of jealousy has planted its roots in your mind it will never stop growing until it’s confronted rationally. If you feel threatened by a girl’s friend, then it’s probably because he is a great guy. Why else would she be with you if she didn’t have good taste in people? The best thing to do is to ask straight away and then approach the guy with friendliness. He really doesn’t have to be a sexy Russian girl


Pretty Russian girls, like any girls, are as mysterious as you allow them to be. Repressing negative emotions about your girlfriend until they build up and erupt as an ugly outburst is totally toxic. It can be avoided very easily. If you really trust the person that you love then you should feel comfortable discussing anything with them. Communication requires patience, compassion and a desire to listen as well as be heard. Give it a go!