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What Makes a Beautiful Chinese Girl Different from American Born Chinese Girls?

Beautiful Chinese girl from Mainland China are the ones that were born and brought up in China while American Born Chinese (ABC) girls, as their name suggests are the Chinese women who were born and brought up in US and have always lived with both the cultures (American and Chinese). So, if you are about to dive into Chinese online dating, you should understand the differences to make a proper decision.

Mainland China Women and American Born Chinese Women

When you meet a single Chinese girl, you never think that she may not be from China. While in reality you can meet plenty of ABC girls on hot Chinese girls dating websites. These women have in many cases never been to China and are more American than they are Chinese. Here are some differences that make these women different from one another and also similar in many ways. Let’s first talk about women from mainland China and their characteristics.
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Women from China are Traditional

Chinese females are extremely traditional and come from families that are very strict about it. Chinese people are known to be very focused when it comes to their beliefs and methods. These women are taught everything about their culture from a very young age and therefore, they grow up to follow all the Chinese traditions and stay loyal to them no matter what.

Chinese Women are Practical and Hard Working

Chinese people are well known to be hard working and you will hardly ever find a single Chinese girl wasting her time or money. A Chinese girl will do the same to your money as well. If you are looking for Chinese girls for marriage, you are the right path to find a lady who knows the importance of money and the kind of efforts it needs to earn a decent amount. Your Chinese partner will never waste a single penny.

Chinese Women Speak Less

Chinese girls from mainland China believe in speaking less and doing more. In China, extra stress is placed on the quality of words they use plus they have some really strong roots in philosophy resulting in a population that speaks less and works more. So, if you meet Chinese girls online you will mostly come across ladies who will not be very verbal but are a gem when you think about their personal traits.

Chinese Women Date to Marry

In Chinese culture, dating is never casual, so, women from mainland China will never look for hookups. If you look at a sexy Chinese girl video and think that she is looking for a fling, you will be completely wrong. Chinese women are fiercely loyal and as dictated by their culture, they date only when they are planning to marry. If you have found yourself a lady on an online dating website, you should consider yourself lucky because this lady will be by your side, all her and your life.

American Born Chinese Women

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American Born Chinese Women are Liberal

American Born Chinese are brought up with values from their culture which is well known to be conservative and has strict societal rules. As a result, Chinese women are traditional at heart but because of their upbringing in America, they become open and liberal. These women will never be as open minded as American women but they are not as traditional as women from mainland China either.

ABCs know How to Have Fun

Unlike women from mainland China beautiful Chinese girl in USA is a little laid back and enjoy their lives. They still have their traditional values and do not go astray but they are not very strict about their belief and let down their hair on occasions.

ABCs are Expressive

Unlike their mainland China counterparts, ABCs are expressive with their words and like to speak in a relationship. Single Chinese girls in USA are more verbal which is great for you if you like to talk and listen.

ABCs do not mind Casual Dating

American Born single Chinese ladies do not mind casual dating a few men before settling down for the man of their dreams. These women are open to trying a few options before they have their mind. This is very different from Chinese women from mainland who do not start dating unless they are sure that this is the man they will marry.Asian Singles,Philipino girls,