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What to Say to Vietnamese Women to Get Her Interested in You

When you are dating Vietnamese women can be a beautiful labyrinth in discovering all the wondrous treasures she holds. However, before those mysteries can unfold, you are going to have to get Vietnamese women interested in you. Because of the difference in possible cultures, there are some key things you can always bring up that will make you more endearing to these beautiful Vietnamese women.

Vietnamese Women,beautiful Vietnamese girls,

Some Don’ts

Women at their core are similar universally, from beautiful Vietnamese girls to Miss USA, there are some phrases and topics that should be common sense to men, yet they are used daily, that will get you put in the dog house or couch at the best.

  1. You must have started your period – while it is possible you are trying to show affection and care for the Vietnamsingle woman you just met who may be expressing some new personality traits. However, if she has, you are a dead man, and if she hasn’t, you have implied her behavior is somehow irrational or “wrong”. Point being, there is never a right time to say this.
  2. I was kidding, it was a joke – Obviously, men and women do not share the same funny bone. Women across the globe, including hot Vietnamese women, do not take any kind of jabbing or ribbing lightly or as a joke. In truth, you meant it, you were trying to find an excuse for saying whatever upset her by saying it was a joke. Strikeout.
  3. Calm Down – Have you ever watched a Matador competition when the Matador waves the red flag in front of the bull? This phrase is that large red flag. “Run Forest, Run.” By saying this term, you are essentially saying to a woman 1) You are not in control of your emotions, which makes you inferior, or 2) I’m more concerned about the tone of voice than actually why you are upset.  Even if this is not your intentions when Vietnam datingor Euro dating, or USA dating, this term translates in all languages to “Men are superior. Hush woman!”

Vietnamese Women,Vietnam single

Some Do’s

While twisting and turning, navigating through a labyrinth of these hot Vietnamese girls and other women alike, there is comfort in knowing that some key phrases are much like a road map to help guide you to success.

If ever you get tongue-tied and feel like a new vine of blockage has been thrown up, the way to remove it is by using some common sense in your compliments, but also you need to be very specific in your compliments; this shows you are paying attention to a woman’s highly evolved sense of self.

  1. You are pretty – while this is a great start, it is also very ordinary. Choose something specific about her features or her outfit to indicate that you are paying close attention to your date. For example, you could say, “I love the way the sun glitters off the gold specs in your eyes. It makes you even more radiant.” Specifications are the key to success when Viet dating.Vietnamese Women,Vietnam single
  2. What do you think? – This wonderful question exhibits several things about your character that will intuitively make women including the Vietnamese ladywho holds your heart like you more. 1. You care about her opinion. 2. You think she is intelligent. and 3. You are interested in more than just looks.  This question puts you light years ahead of other men.
  3. Ask about her Home Life – The Asian culture itself hold a very high place of stature when it comes to the family. Asking about her parents, siblings, her life growing up, all show that you are interested in not only her but the extension of her including family and culture.

Treading through the Vietnam single maze can be a challenge, but now an unfathomable one. Use common sense about what all women want, pay attention, learn the culture, and talk about the family, and hot Vietnamese will return your interests because you have shown her something new from the West.