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When Dating Russian Singles, Look Out For These Body Language Cues

If you were asked to describe first dates with Russian singles with one word, most of you would probably choose the word “awkward.” Don’t get me wrong a first date is awkward regardless of your date’s ethnicity, national origin, skin, or race.

But a first date with a Russian beauty may be even more awkward than usual because Russian ladies are known to be the most beautiful women in the world (but you probably know this already after browsing Russian beautiful womens photos online). But we know one trick to make your first dates with Russian women less awkward. Learn the body language.

Your reaction right now is probably something along the lines of “Wait, are you serious right now?” But let us explain why nonverbal cues are key to make dating Russian women girls as relaxed and at-ease as possible.

Russian women girls

Russian dating and body language

Let’s imagine that you’re on a first date with a Russian mail order bride, and 30 minutes into the date you still have no clue whether this girl likes you or not. And then she does any of the following:

  • Leans into the table when you’re telling a story of how you almost met U.S. President Donald Trump;
  • Establishes prolonged eye contract that makes you slightly uncomfortable;
  • Crosses her arms as if trying to position herself away from you;
  • Points her feet under the table inward and in your direction;
  • Makes a forced smile or other negative grimace for a split second; or
  • Stumbles over words while answering your question.

Yep, your first date is probably full or mixed messages, but we can actually help you interpret the body language by learning the meaning of some of the most common first date nonverbal cues indicating that hot single Russian ladies are (a) head over heels into you, (b) curious to get to know you better, (c) not that much into you yet, or (d) would to anything to get out of there ASAP.

So next time you’re dating Russian ladies, pay closer attention to your date’s body language to pick up nonverbal cues and learn what she actually thinks about you.

Look out for these nonverbal cues on a first date with Russian woman

  • Russian mail order brideShe leans in. This one is a positive indicator that the Russian woman is actually interested in you and engaged in the conversation. If she does the opposite and pulls back in the middle of your conversation, it’s a negative indicator that she thinks you’re intimidating, unattractive, or simply boring.
  • She makes prolonged eye contact. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in body language to know that eye contact is a good thing when it comes to dating. But what if your date’s eye contact is intense and prolonged? It’s definitely a good thing, because for Russian erotic women, prolonged eye contact equals emotional intimacy. Add dilated pupils into the mix, and there’s no denial that this girl is super into you.
  • She crosses her arms. This is a negative indicator that means that your date is trying to create a barrier between you and her to protect herself. If a hot sexy Russiangirl does the opposite and squares up with you or faces you directly with her shoulders, knees, and feet, it means that she’s very much into you!
  • She points her feet inward and in your direction. That’s definitely a good thing, because it’s a nonverbal cue that the woman is trying to appear more approachable and express her interest in you.
  • She makes a forced smile, or other negative micro-expression or grimace. Definitely a bad thing, because fake smiles, cringes, or other negative micro-expressions are a tell-tale indicator that the woman is so annoyed, angry, threatened, or bored that she doesn’t even bother to control her facial expressions.
  • She stumbles over words.When we feel attracted to someone, we tend to have a hard time trying to express ourselves. So if Russian singles are tongue-tied during your first date, it’s probably because she feels anxious and is doing her best to look and sound as good as she can to get you to like her.