Why American Guys Are Absolutely NUTS About Lovely Chinese Ladies!

Here’s the question on a lot of people’s minds lately. What’s the thing with American guys and their obsession with Chinese girls? And more importantly, is that a good thing or a bad thing? We’re about to get into this one so hold on to your hats, because this could get controversial!

What is a single Chinese girl supposed to make of a dating profile she finds online that reads something like this: “Handsome and successful American guy, loves dogs, long walks on the beach, and is looking for a Chinese girlfriend.” Is this the perfect guy or a total creep? Should the cute Chinese girl looking for romance contact this guy or run for her life?

chinese girlfriend The question basically boils down to this. Is it healthy for guys to have sexual or romantic fantasies about women of a specific race? Is that just a natural part of the game of love or is it a sign of an online dating psycho?

It’s a tough question. Clearly, there are genetic and social factors that regulate our sexual and romantic intuitions. Our genes surely have an influence on who we will be attracted to, and billboards and TV commercials with beautiful ladies certainly affect what the world considers to be beautiful. So, if an American guy happens to have developed a passion for beautiful Chinese babes, what’s the problem, right?

On the other hand, online daters should always be careful about guys with fetishes of any kind. If this guy’s dating profile indicates he is ONLY interested in Chinese women, that may be a warning sign. Who knows what else he is into? What other fixations and obsessions might be lurking behind that online profile?

What about the racism factor? Could a fondness for Chinese girls in any way be a sign that this guy might be a bigot? Is the attraction to cute Chinese ladies just a first step toward a true interest in kinky, sexual domination?chinese girlfriend

Consider a typical situation. The American guy having a whisky at the bar sees the cute Chinese girl walk by and pokes his buddy in the arm. “See that? Man, I love Chinese girls,” he says and winks at his buddy who is half way through a big chug of his Heineken. Some of the women nearby roll their eyes and say, “what a racist comment!” The guy takes another hit of his whiskey and says, “How can it be racist? I said I LIKE Chinese women!”

And so the debate goes. Well, let’s get right to the heart of it. What is it about these Chinese babes that has American dudes all googly eyed? For onchinese babes
e thing, the smooth caramel colored skin of a beautiful Chinese woman is something very unusual to your typical sunburned California beach bum. For another, American guys tend to get lost in the mysterious dark eyes Chinese women stare at them with. And don’t forget that unique, soft way that Chinese girls swing their hips as they walk past their adoring fans at the bar.

So whether or not it’s really appropriate for conversation at the dinner table, there is an undeniable attraction that these American guys have for Chinese women. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with that, but online daters should proceed cautiously. For Chinese girls exploring the online dating scene, make sure to get to know any guy well before you meet him in person. Don’t fall in love before you’ve done your homework on this guy.

And for you American guys out there looking for some Asian romance, best of luck to you, but play nice! Hopefully those Chinese ladies feel the same way about you as you feel about them. Just keep it clean, and maybe you’ll hit the jackpot with your Chinese dream girl!