Chinese Dating sites

Why more Chinese Dating sites than other Asian countries?

There is a huge liking for Chinese women around the world and especially from the west. Thus, Chinese dating sites help in serving the men with interest in single Chinese women. Well, Japan and China have more or less the similar features in ideology and culture but still, men prefer Chinese women over Japanese women. Why is that so and why not Japanese women? And it is not simple to differentiate them. After analyzing various research, here are few points which may actually give a wider idea on Chinese vs Japanese women in their culture.

Japanese Women and their trait

Japanese women tend to rate their values quite higher than the other Asian women, or unlike any Chinese girl. A Japanese woman believes and has a pride that she belongs to the best nation in the world. Well, marrying from another culture is seen as a disgrace as it seemingly has the other culture invading into the Japanese culture. When Japanese women have the motion of belonging to the best nation in the world, it naturally stops her to interact or involve any activity with the others. So, it gives a stop or a pause to the other culture intervening.

On basis of a family relationship, Japanese wives are oriented in supporting their husbands and taking good care of the children despite any conflict within the couple. Their culture is known to be very pure as they respect every elder and bring tranquility to the family. Since women from Japan are educated and developed they are open to new ideas within their belief system. They tend to marry men of their age and culture while believing to share every happiness and sorrows together. In this case, the intervention of any foreign men for intermarriage is notably very low.  

Chinese women extinction to the west

Then comes the Chinese women who rate their values and norms quite lower than other women from other countries in Asia. A Chinese girl assumes marrying a foreigner is something to be very proud. That rate of Pretty Chinese women who look for a foreigner is possibly very high, like if there is a chance then she will surely marry a foreigner. While men from the west have the one common question raised is that “how to date a Chinese girl?”, as they are way more interested in Chinese girls as well. The western men made it a trend in marrying Asian women.

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Well, mature Chinese ladies willingly marry men older and richer as their young age affairs are believed to be a failing marriage. As they are more willing to accept new ideas and feel free to try on a different condition, it is a jackpot for the foreign men in marrying them easily. Pictures of Chinese women around the internet showing off a perfect body and beauty is something they are triggering the stereotypes. Hot Chinese lady does not mean having a skinny figure and fair skin with pulpy lips, though it is what attracts men while believed to be beautiful and bring men from west to Asia for these Chinese.

Both Japanese and Chinese women are different in their own ways, the only difference they make is that the Chinese women welcome the other culture especially west into their culture very easily and effortlessly. This is an opinion extracted from the research of why more of Chinese dating sites and not the others.