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Why you should hit the gym: there’s a solid chance your gym crush will turn into something more

You must think that gym is only for exercise, for people who chase for better body or more healthy life. Well, it’s much more than that. And if you had the experience of flirting with Asian girls at the gym, you’d definitely know what I mean.

There’s a site that specifically doing research and it surveyed 1,000 people who hit the gym to find if they had approached others when working out. The results may surprise you, that 43 percent of women and 21 percent of men have been hit on at the gym, which means, 1 out of the 2 girls you noticed could have been flirted with by some other guys at the same gym.

So, why am I telling you this?

Think about it. Nicolaus Copernicus, the first person who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the universe, and people believed that he’s crazy. They had never heard about this theory before, and couldn’t accept its influences.

You see? If a cute Thai girl who is working out not far away from you attracts you, you absolutely can tell her that you dreamed of dating a Thai girl. She won’t think you are a weirdo, because you’re NOT the first one who’s doing this!

Okay, you might ask: why must I look for a date at the gym?

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First, let me be clear: I’m not asking you to go gym just for picking up a date, gym is for you own good, but I’m talking about that if you met a crush, you can speak to her without hesitation. Second, after all, you have at least one thing in common, and lots of people hope to find a potential partner. That’s why I said gym is a good place to meet Asian women. Third, to be honest, girls who like exercising, especially Thai ladies, have a hotter body than others who have no exercise habits.

Also, according to the survey, common factors like having the same workout habits make it easier to make the first move. You don’t have to make up a topic. The website found that those people who drink protein shakes and those who flex in the mirror are 2 to 3 times more likely to hit on someone than those who don’t do either of these things. People who take supplements are 2 times more likely to hit on someone than those who don’t, and finally those who regularly take selfies are 1.9 times more likely to flirt.

You can see that people who’s confident and with much energy are more likely to go ahead and talk to you, which means they’re easier to be flirted with too. So, if you want to have an Asian dating or a   afterwards, you should observe this hot girl first.

Now, you may be curious: how does the romantic journey start?

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Well, the survey says that one-third of guys reported being approached at least once if they were wearing a hoodie or a tank top. That means, you should dress hotter if you want to attract girls from Thailand. And it can give Thailand women a good first impression if you speak forwardly. This is the first step.

But be aware: don’t let flirting go too far. Half of women reported that someone other than a personal trainer touching them made them uncomfortable. So I’m going to give you some advice.

Remember: offering a girl unsolicited advice or gawking at her body while talking to her are not the correct ways to score at the gym. What you should try is a random act of kindness, like offering to fill up her water bottle when you’re on your way to fill up yours. Or simply ask her what’s her favorite course, with your looking straight into her eyes.

As I said before, gym is a good place for you to find a potential partner, and it does have a proof. The survey says that 97 percent of those surveyed reported their initial flirting led to something more. For 61 percent, it turned into a date, and for 24 percent (it’s pretty high), it turned into a relationship.

It’s very romantic if your meet your Thai girl at a gym. Working out with your special lover could make your exercise more interesting. With more energetic and happier workout, you two can have a better sex life too.

So, if you’re working out and a hot girl catches your eyes, go and take this chance! You might be one of the 24 percent lucky guys.