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Why you’ve fallen out of love with your Asian girls (hint: you haven’t really)

Are Asian girls beautiful? Damn right. They’re different from Western girls in so many ways which might align with your preferences. But, some of these differences may be very new to you – differences which can cause misunderstandings and other issues in a relationship.

If you’re dating an Asian woman, cultural differences in issues such as communication style and group norms are important. Relationships are difficult enough without bringing these other factors into play.

So, let’s look at some expert advise on how to rekindle the flame if you fall out of love with your Asian girlfriend:

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Learn to love the differences

If you met your girl on an Asian girl dating site, regardless of your ethnicity, you were probably aware of Western VS East Asian cultural differences. Those coming from Asian families are often socialized with the “group” or “family” mentality. Those of us in the west, however, are used to the “individualistic” mentality – we get our academic credentials, perhaps we move into an apartment on our own, whilst spending our spare time with friends or dating girls (in your case, beautiful Asian girls). We value autonomy.

In Asian societies, this is often not the case. Asian singles go home to their families after work. Family is the focal point. This may be oversimplification, but it’s true in most cases.

So, it’s important to understand why your Asian girlfriend may hold different values. She was raised with an interdependent social orientation, and it’s completely normal. In fact, Asia has the highest population in the world – so this way of life is normal for more people than the western way of life!

Learn to compromise

Just because you have a hot Asian girlfriend, doesn’t mean she’s going to change her belief and value system. Compromise is key for long-lasting relationships, so you should make the effort to meet her half way too. Ask her what she needs, and embrace any differences. Try to be receptive. Then, take action to show her that you mean business. Talk about the future and the big picture as this can really strengthen a relationship.

This goes for you too, COMMUNICATE your needs! She can’t compromise if you don’t talk to her, and after all, it can be difficult to see your own faults.

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Give her compliments

Hot women, especially Asian hot women are used to garnering attention. But your girl needs this from YOU. Yes, she might know she’s beautiful. But you need to tell her this and show her other signs of affection. In addition to showing her you that you still care, thoughtful communication encourages intimacy. Intimacy becomes scarce if you feel like the flame is going out. So, start small by remembering the things that made you attracted to her in the first place. Then communicate them. Take her on dates, hold her hand, show her physical affection and do the things you used to do.

Be sensitive and receptive to what she asks of you

This speaks for itself, but it’s difficult sometimes when emotions get in the way. Sometimes we need a friendly reminder. After an argument, when you’ve cooled down, think about the root cause of your problems. If she’s asking something of you, have you ever asked for something similar? Is your ego getting in the way? Is it worth the risk of losing her over this? Really try to understand, rather than just reacting. Some objective self-analysis can go a LONG way.

Before you go

You should familiarise with these cultural differences, as they’re going to play a huge part in your relationship. The more you know, the easier it will be to heal things when they go wrong. After all, that’s why you’re here, right? There’s so many dating platforms – whether that’s an Asian girl dating site or not – that it’s becoming more and more important to offer culturally-specific experiences based on ethnicity. Asian dating sites can provide this. But the potential issues shouldn’t be overlooked, either. No pain, no gain my friends! Try these tips to reignite the flame.