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Woman Who Goes on 101 Dates in a Year Reveals What Mistakes Men Make on First Date Without Even Realizing It

Ever heard of a woman who went on 101 dates in less than a year?

Before you start shaming her and calling her all kinds of derogatory terms – she’s no ordinary woman.

The woman in question – Felicia Martin– who has become a sensation on the Internet in summer 2017, went on over a hundred dates with 52 different men as part of a social experiment.

dating with Chinese girlShe did get to sip on expensive wine though, while more intimate details like hugs, kisses and sex have been kept under wraps. But that’s not the point here.

Mrs. Martin, who’s also a dating coach, established a very distinct pattern of what makes men score a second date or fail miserably on first dates.

Mrs. Martin’s findings are unique, as millions of men looking to find Chinese women can use them to their own benefit.

The Money Talk, ‘Look at My Wallet, Car… But Duh… No Brain’

Don’t tell us that we haven’t warned you about this numerous times earlier, but trying to impress hot Chinese women with money or your fancy car on the first date will get you nowhere.

Mrs. Martin learned it the hard way.

Though she admits that she was initially impressed and intrigued by her suitor’s wealth – he was a rich CEO living in Silicon Valley who wined and dined her with expensive goodies – Mrs. Martin warns that when talking about money on the first date you risk stumbling across a gold digger or ruining your chances with a decent girl.

That’s because talking about your money on a first date is boring. Although the dating coach does admit that she was so impressed with the guy’s wealth that she went on four (!) dates with him, his money-talk didn’t get him far enough.

The connection that Mrs. Martin felt to the gold digger-magnet was “superficial” as she says she was turned off by his desperate attempts to impress her with wealth.

hot Chinese womenThis could be easily applied to foreign men looking for Chinese girls on Chinese online dating sites, are they think hot Chinese women are naive enough to jump into bed with anyone who offers them money and the promise to get them out of Asia.

While there are plenty of Chinese girls willing to accept that offer – as well as gold diggers eager to feed off rich fellas – in general Chinese single ladies searching for love, not for some green banknotes.

That Awkward Ex Talk

Mrs. Martin also found a pattern that men tend to talk about their exes on first dates, which substantially decreases their chances of getting a second date.

No matter what happens – if you run out of topics – do NOT talk about ex on first, second or third dates!

In fact, every other China beautiful woman tends to be overly jealous over her man’s past, which is why it’d be a wise decision to steer clear of the “ex talk” even when you’re dating with Chinese girl.

Mrs. Martin’s findings seem to go in line with a recent survey that revealed a whopping 52% of European and American women thought their date talking about an ex on the first date was reason enough to not go on a second date with him.

Pathetic Soap Opera of Humiliation

While this logically seems like a no-no topic for a first date chat for many men, some men still make the nuclear mistake of talking negatively about their career.

Mrs. Martin’s was unfortunate to stumble across a few of those who kept complaining about their jobs.

While it may seem that an erotic Chinese girl would sympathize with men complaining about their career on a first date – since Chinese girls tend to be compassionate and sweet and all that – it’s not really true.

Regardless of the race or ethnic background, no woman wants to be part of that pathetic soap opera when a guy humiliates his own dignity in front of her.

Definitely not the best way to start dating with Chinese girl.

Mrs. Martin advises those who can’t seem to avoid talking negatively about their job or who simply feel like sharing about their poor career choices on a first date to focus on their career before focusing on dating.

Women Want to be Touched MORE on First Dates, But Don’t Get Handsy

China beautiful womanMrs. Martin has also established another first date-ruining pattern: men rarely (or never) touch their date on a first date.

It may seem weird to hear a woman encourage men to touch ladies more frequently on first dates, but it shouldn’t be.

Make sure you understand that the dating coach doesn’t mean getting handsy and grabbing your date’s private parts, God forbid!

What Mrs. Martin means is adding a few slight touches every now and then throughout the date. Not touching the girl at all “automatically puts you in the friend zone,” warns the coach.

You might want to listen to this if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life just looking at sexy Chinese girl picture, not being able to find Chinese women because they keep rejecting you.

Mrs. Martin says you should – ideally – touch your date three or four times throughout the first date in a non-creepy way, and you can work that number up with each subsequent and successful date.

Think: a hug hello and a hug goodbye do count as touching.

Another mistake men do is not arranging the second date during the first date, if it went smooth. Mrs. Martin says that women are more likely to accept the invitation to go on a second date while their first date is still fresh in the mind.

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