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Wondering if She Wants a Second Date? Watch Her Eyes, Study Suggests

The next time you go on a first date with Asian beauties, do keep an eye on… her eyes (sorry for our tautology).

A study suggests that you can find out whether or not your date will agree to go on a second date with you by simply watching her eyes.

An experiment by an online video series called Function revealed how our eye contact changes mid-date depending on how we feel about our date.

Turns out, you can easily tell if you’ll ever see attractive Asian women again after the first date.attractive Asian women

That saves you from the trouble of having to put yourself and herself in an awkward position when she has to reject you politely, and you have to play it cool.

We’ve all been there, done that! And they dare to say “easy Chinese girls” – well, not that easy!

Check the Eyes to Know if There Will be Date 2.0

Chinese lady datingSo what should you look for in Chinese women on a first date to know if she’s into you?

The video study involved seven participants wearing eye tracking glasses while going on blind dates.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to ask your date to wear those tracking glasses on a first date, because, clearly, that would make you look like a creep and ruin your hopes for a second date straight away.

The researchers have found a pattern that lets you know whether or not beautiful China women enjoy the first date, and thus would be more or less likely to go a second date.

Good signs: your date should be looking at your face most of the time during the first date. In fact, the study shows that there is a sure-fire way of knowing if this isn’t the last time you’re seeing this girl. And that is: if she’s looking into your eyes a lot.

Bad signs: your date doesn’t focus on your face much. Instead, she’d rather prefer to look at other people while she/you are talking. Or worse: she has her eyes glued to her phone.

During an average first date (aka the ‘undecided’ date), people look into their date’s eyes 11% of the time. Those Chinese women who don’t think the date is going smoothly, meanwhile, spend only 7% of their time looking into their date’s eyes.

Also, Check This to Know if Your Date is INTO You

Chinese womenWhile these findings may seem like common sense to you, the study went further than that to help you improve your Chinese lady dating.

Turns out, you should also be paying attention to how dilated the eyes of your date are.

Although this may be no easy task if you’re dating Asian girls due to their narrower eyes (but you’ve probably noticed that when browsing beautiful Chinese women photo), you may want to check if your date’s eyes are dilated during the first date.

If they are very dilated, she’s just super into you! The bigger the pupils during the first date, the more chances that your date will go on a second and third date with you.

Make sure your eyesight is perfect to do the task, as the study has found that the larger, I’ll-go-on-a-second-date-with-you pupils were 5.53 mm dilated, while the pupils of those who weren’t into their date were 5.27 mm dilated.

Study Reveals How Much She Should be Laughing on First Date

The eyes weren’t the only non-verbal element of first date communication the study focused on. The study also found a link between how much your date is laughing on a first date and the likelihood of going on a second date.

While you probably already know the answer to this, the study simply confirmed something that you’ve known for a while now: a girl that is into you will laugh twice as much as that who will pass on a second date.

You may want to incorporate the findings into your Chinese interracial dating game, though do keep in mind that things can be quite unpredictable sometimes.

That’s because shy Asian girls tend to focus on their date’s face as little as possible and yet this doesn’t mean they’re not into you.

The same goes for those who look directly into your eyes. Just because people do that a lot, doesn’t mean they’re into you 100% of the times.

It can also mean that they are simply suspicious of you or are simply checking if your eyes are lying (we’ve all watched Dr. House, and we know how to detect liars!).