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Worst First Dates, Told by 4 Waiters

Forgetting a bad first date is tough. It’s true for the daters and sometimes even for the people around them.

Many people don’t realize it but when you go out on a date in public – like, say, to a restaurant or bar – there’s always a risk that your first date can turn into an awkward circus that will be witnessed by dozens of people around you.

This was the case for these four waiters, who saw some of the most disastrous first dates unfold in front of their eyes.

Embarrassing Stand Up Gig

looking for a Russian wife“I used to work at a Russian restaurant that also had a stage set up for stand up comedians. They would perform every night, even amateurs with no experience were allowed to get on the stage.

This was also the place where many men would come looking for a Russian wife. Many Russian women would come there either alone or with their date.

Then came this couple, a sexy girl in Russia and a dorky-looking guy by her side. They ordered food and seemed to have a great time for a few hours.

Then the guy stood up and went to the stage. He was one of the stand up comedians that night, it appeared.

As he goes on the stage, he starts blabbering about how to meet a Russian woman and then he says this, “listen, I love Russian women, but oh man they can be stupid! Look at this girl right here (he points at his date), I’m here on a first date with her and she couldn’t be any more stupid!”

As his date is sitting there with her face red from all the attention (about 100 people were at the restaurant that night) – the guy keeps re-telling them what the girl had just told him while they sat at the table.

The girl then couldn’t bear it any longer so she got up and ran away. The guy was booed at the end of his stand up gig,” Marina, 32.

Married Man Sneaks on a First Date, But Fails Terribly

sexy Russian women“I once waited on a table where a guy and a girl were having their first date – it was clearly their first as they kept asking each other those first-date questions. As I’m taking their order, the guy starts behaving weird as he looks at one particular direction.

He tells me, “Can you please stand like this and not move an inch – my wife has just entered the café – I don’t want her to see me here.”

As he says this, his date – one of those sexy Russian women that look after themselves, with lip injections, Botox, etc. – can’t contain her shock and even opens her fake mouth. Apparently, she didn’t know he was married.

His wife was also on a date with some young dude. I called one of my colleagues and we helped escort him out of the restaurant while covering him with our backs. He thanked with a huge tip,” Oleg, 22.

Ugly Consequences of Fish Poisoning on First Date

Russian women“I worked at a cheap sushi joint once, and we had one couple come there on their first date. The girl was stunning – like one of those you see on Russian sexy women photos – while the guy was average-looking.

The couple ordered about a kilo of different types of sushi rolls and it took them about 1 hour to finish them.

I was waiting on their table so I kept approaching them and asking if they need any drinks or if they want to order anything else.

Each time I came by their table the look on their faces kept getting worse and worse. I thought they were probably just going through a bad first date.

Until this happens… I’m standing at the other side of the room and see the guy literally jump off his seat and rush to the restroom. His face was all green as he covered his mouth with hands.

It didn’t seem to bother his girl, who was more concerned about her own self. She was just a mess, sitting there all sweating. Poor thing. She then ran to the nearest plant and vomited all over it.

They filed a complaint to our manager. Turns out the fish our chef used to make their rolls was spoiled so they got fish poisoning. The sushi joint got shut down. I wonder if they have ever seen each other after that?” Max, 29.

Bad First Date? The Fire Exit is There for a Reason!

how to meet a Russian woman“Whenever I see hot Russian women photos or sexy Russian women videos pop up on the Internet, I can’t help but think about this one hilarious incident that happened right in front of me.

I used to be a waiter at a restaurant, it was a nice place, and I waited on a table of a young couple. The girl was clearly Russian, because she had this distinct Russian accent.

When they were ordering the food – it was two large pizzas with rum and coke and a margarita – I could barely hear the order because the Russian girl kept talking and talking to no end.

Half of the restaurant could hear her talk loudly, telling stories about herself and telling how cool of a girl she is. It was really embarrassing for the guy, you could read it on his face.

At one point the guy excuses himself and goes to the restroom. And he never came back because he exited through the fire escape. Can’t blame him, I’d do the same.

The girl was furious when she realized she got ditched and had to pay for the bill all by herself. She should’ve seen it coming though,” Rodrigo, 25.