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Xinyan – Young But Strong

chinese brideWell, let’s face it, there are Asian girls, and then there are Asian Women. Capital letters only apply to Xinyan here.

I mean, come on! What a body! She’s 5’9, quite tall for a Chinese girlfriend. And let’s just say she is quite clearly gifted in other areas too, which should be obvious to anyone taking a look at her profile pic.

But actually, that’s only if you can get past her amazing face! What a confident beauty to come across when surfing past profiles of potential Chinese brides online. She exudes self-assurance, and a no-nonsense attitude–qualities that are immediately apparent in her profile–and, I hate to say, but very rare in online Chinese dating.

She’s young–which makes it even more amazing that she would show up on a search to find a Chinese wife. But don’t be fooled by the fact that she’s still a university student–this kitten ain’t helpless! She’s a Chinese woman dating only men who are sincere. She tells us:

“My friends always say that i am like a fox with white feather, sometimes gentle–but if you play with me, watch out for my sharp claw!”

But she’s also a hopeless romantic. She’s a big fan of the movie “Slumdog Millionaire,” and she believes that love is bound to show up, and that she’s fated to be with the right person. And don’t worry–if you’re looking to meet Chinese girls who are not only confident and tough, but who also have a big heart and lots of love to give, you’ve come to the right profile.

“If you cherish my love, and respect my life, you will be my king, and I will show you how soft I am.”

Online Chinese dating just stepped up to the next level when Xinyan posted her profile–I wonder how long she’s going to be available. With her assets and her wonderfully clear-headed, no-nonsense outlook on life, it surely won’t be long!