“Yellow Fever” can be a Massive Turnoff when Dating Beautiful Asian Girls

You may have honorable intentions when it comes to dating beautiful Asian girls. However, recently, a term has popped up in trendy circles referring to Anglican men who are hot for these beautiful Asian girls; it called “Yellow Fever”, and it’s derogatory a term as ever to more than a handful of Asian women who find it offensive and frustrating.

When it comes to the fundamentals of dating globally, men should understand something about women. Women are at the root of existence the same across the globe. The minute men start placing them into a specific mold, they are opening themselves up to a possible time bomb.

Dating Beautiful Asian Girls,beautiful Asian girls,


When out on dates with cute Asian women, refrain from telling her your opinion that you are supportive of Chinese mail order brides, or that you have often sought after the Asian woman and the person you are with tops them all... Even a simple sentence, “I’m looking for cute Asian girls or Asian women to date,” are clear signs that you suffer from “Yellow Fever”.

While they might have been said with the most honorable intentions, these statements are as insulting to many in the Asian culture.  Saying these opinions out loud makes you suddenly an obnoxious, ignorant racist when all you were simply trying to do was send a compliment.

Why it is wrong?

The best reason never to say something like “You just adore petite Asian women is”, shows how ignorant you are when it comes to the Asian CULTURES. Yes, plural.

There are several different Asian countries and over the centuries these countries have had altercations with each other. To use the term Asian in such a broad sense is to show that youDating Beautiful Asian Girls,cute Asian women assume that Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean all are the same. This can be highly offensive and insulting.

If you still need further explanation, try calling a Puerto Rican a Mexican. You might get lucky if you aren’t shot.

Just as the Latino communities in the US are fiercely protective of their homeland countries, so is the fact true for Asian women.

Dating Sites

It is not uncommon to have  “Yellow “Fever”; Asian women, are quite literally some of the most beautiful in the world and can be appreciated for their outer beauty; however, you don’t want to show you have it by opening your mouth though.  That is the purpose of international dating websites free; they offer you a selection of Asian women you might prefer without you bluntly slipping that foot in your mouth.

These sites include key choices as specific as petite Asian women to blonde Asian girl(s), so that you have a choice from which to select. Some are so specific as to offer topless Asian women where nudity and the body image isn’t as taboo as it is in other countries. They take the “Yellow Fever” need to open your mouth about Asian women out of your vocabulary.


Boils Down

Dating Beautiful Asian Girls,cute Asian women

I would like to say that people should always want to date someone because of their personalities as well as the package it is in. But, let’s face it, we all have our preferences at the beginning of what we prefer and what we are truly into.

However, I will suggest, researching some of the finer points of different Asian cultures and countries, so you do not prove yourself ignorant to the best looking Asian women you are trying to impress. Perhaps in your research endeavors, you will find that you really like the Chinese culture and from that small bit of research, you can narrow your search for your perfect match.