Your Profile Pic is A Huge Online Dating Pre-Selection Filter… How to Make It More Attractive?

Your profile picture on online dating website can play a cruel joke on your odds of meeting tailand woman or vice versa make you more attractive in the eyes of single girls online.

You see, your profile picture is a huge online dating pre-selection filter. But that doesn’t mean you have to be ridiculously handsome-looking or Zac Efron-looking to get a woman’s attention on thai online dating.

Whether you’re dating colombian ladies or thai girls on line, there are common mistakes men do with their profile pics that make them appear less attractive.

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Uploading profile pics online: Don’ts

  • It goes without saying that if you don’t have profile pics – no matter how great your text on bio profile is – you have zero chances of finding asian brides online dating.
  • Posting only selfies and nothing but selfies makes you look like a lonely sociopath – definitely not the right way to win a filipino girl attention on online dating website.
  • If you have like hundreds of photos of you – and most of them show you and only you – single girls online may think that you’re desperate for attention. In case with pictures of philippine girls – when they upload 1,000 photos of themselves – it’s fine. For men – a no-no.
  • Don’t upload just one profile picture – as you significantly decrease your odds of finding the filipino girl of your dreams online. Just like in case with vietnamese women pics – you want to see more pictures of a person to see if he/she is worth your time.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else and upload pics of handsome guys. Remember: you don’t need to be ridiculously good-looking to find asian brides online dating.

As long as you look interesting, fun, active and not boring and looking after yourself, you can be successful dating colombian ladies or thai girls on line.

Did you know that most studies seem to agree that an average-looking guy gets more attention on online dating websites than the most good-looking guy?

That’s because self-absorbed, I’m-too-good-looking-for-you fellas are more likely to cheat – and that’s the subconscious idea single girls online get when browsing through profiles online.

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Uploading profile pics online: Do’s

You can easily improve your online dating game by simply uploading the RIGHT photos.

Besides, well-chosen profile pics online can spark a conversation – and this is exactly what you’re looking for if you want to build rapport and ease into conversation with asian brides online dating.

  • Upload profiles pics that show you’re an active and interesting man: showcase your hobbies, sense of humor and interests.
  • Do upload a pic of you rock climbing rather than a picture of you standing in front of some cool-looking car – especially if that car is not yours.
  • Do have at least a few photos that show you and your friends – both male and female friends. All single girls onlinewant to see that you’re not a sociopath or some creep no one wants to hang out with in real life.
  • Do upload pics of you and your family. It can be you and your younger brother or you and your grandpa – or a photo of your entire family. Family-friendly guys are more likely to win attention of thai girls on line, because it shows that those men are loyal to their family.
  • Do have pics of your full body. Whoa, no need to run to the gym and take shirtless pics though. Just like in case with pictures of philippine girls– you want to make sure her body type is what you’re looking for.

Nothing can be worse than a guy looking all buff and big on online pictures, and then a short, overly-muscular, round-looking guy shows up on first date.