January 18, 2022


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12 Dating Stereotypes of Asian Girls in a Man’s Mind

Asian girls do come in various shapes and forms, but there are numerous stereotypes men have when it comes to thinking about finding an Asian wife.

Just like women, men talk. When online singles chatmen usually think of these stereotypes they build in their minds when they meet young Chinese girls.

Men will go to these stereotypes when thinking about how to please a Chinese woman, or how to approach pretty Chinese woman. Even if it’s the most beautiful Chinese girl out there, all men think this way when they meet Asian girls.

  1. The hookup (one-night-stand)

In a guys mind, this is an easy woman. A guy thinks this when a girl is acting loose, though she may not be like that (e.g. Chinese girls kissing acting or being dressed provocatively). It’s not fair, but it’s the truth!

  1. Too nice

This is the type of girl that a guy won’t date because he feels he will spoil her honor. In his mind, she is yet to grow mature to be treated like a woman.

  1. Backup

This is a spare-woman, the one that always clings onto him waiting for his attention. He will sometimes take her out, hook up or sleep with her, but he will not date her.

  1. Unattainable

A girl too strong to approach. She is confident and strong. In mature age, she makes good money. She is fiercely independent. When looking to meet Asian girls, men lust for this women but they never dare approach her.meet Asian girls

  1. The girl who thinks highly of herself

She thinks everyone wants to be with her, but she is not that hot. Men avoid talking to her because he treats a “Hi!” like hitting and responds with “Not interested!”

  1. High maintenance

This is a girl who is rich; a bit spoiled and doesn’t understand that not everyone has as much money as she does.

  1. Off-limits

The one to watch, but never touch because she is taken.

  1. Gold digger

A girl looking for a rich guy and is interested only in his money.young Chinese girls

  1. Sugar-mamma

A wealthy woman who will splurge on a younger, more attractive guy to keep him by her side.

  1. Guy-chick

Smart, funny and sexy, yet undateable because she is not feminine enough.

  1. The nun/prude

A girl who acts like a genderless creature. She won’t talk about anything sexual, and overall turns men off with her icy attitude.

  1. The one/perfect girl

A girl in which a guy is so madly in love with that she can do no wrong. She can be any of the previous 11, but he won’t notice it.