15 Things You Might Expect to Happen If a Beautiful Chinese Girl has Daddy Issues

Are you looking for a beautiful Chinese girl to go out in a date with? Well, they surely are a dream date, but have you ever heard about the term daddy issues? This might be a huge ally or drawback for the moment you date her. These are the fifteen essential things you should know are coming before you jump into the water; read on and be prepared for them.

What are Daddy Issues?

You might have heard about the Oedipus complex for young boys. This complex means they want to unconsciously kill their dad and occupy his place next to his mother, just like the Greek tragedy. Well, the Oedipus complex has its female version that is called the Electra complex. In the Electra complex, a Chinese girl (or any other girl) wants to receive the love of her dad replacing her mother. This is completely unconscious; they don´t realize that is the reason of their sometimes-strange behavior.

The exit of the Electra complex, according to modern psychoanalysis can be to exchange the love of her dad for a child. This way, Chinese brides or any other lady, have a healthier way of relating to others.  Although that is the case, some women get stuck in the previous step and the following 15 tips will help you cope with it and find true love.

1 – Obtaining Her Trust is Complicated

If you are one of the people that go to a mobile dating site to find love, you need to be patient with a daddy-issues girl, because you are going to be severely tested before she gives in her trust to you. Don´t give up, the reward is the size of the test.

2 – She Will Chase you Down

single Chinese women

If a girl with daddy issues likes you, she will chase you down. The reason for it is that she won´t let another man slip away from her fingers as her dad did. Be prepared for that moment and don´t miss the chance to correspond to her love.

3 She Will Play Hard to Catch at First

Daddy-issues girls are not the kind that will say yes to everything and just give in for looks. She won´t care if you are Brad Pitt´s reincarnation, she will play hard to catch to see how far are you willing to go for her love.

4 – Overcompensation

If you are in the search of young Chinese girls to date and find love, you must know that if she has daddy issues she will overcompensate and try to get everything you need. Daddy-issues girls go hard or go home.

5 – She Will Put you Through a Million Tests

She has to make sure you are the right guy to replace her childish loss and won´t go easy on you; you´ll have to go through a million test and, of course, be victorious at them. Be ready and be patient, tests will come and also go after a short time.

6 – Pleasing Everybody

This is a very common thing with girls who suffer from daddy issues, they want to please everybody. As said in point 4, they will overcompensate and go the extra mile for you and for the rest too.

7 – Being Clingy

You can expect this to happen with a girl you’ve met in a Chinese chat room and has daddy issues. This type of girls are sweet but sometimes clingy. They need more to feel secure.

8 – Inconsistency is a Forbidden Word

She will put you in a place in which she expects things from you. It is a test of consistency and if you fail, you´re out. Text her when she wants to and be there for her, you won´t regret it.

9 – Flirting with Other Men

Yes, daddy-issue girls will flirt with every man they come across if they want to. It doesn’t mean they want to be with other guys, it is just that they need the attention. Don´t go madly jealous over it, it doesn’t mean anything to her.

young Chinese girl

10 – Her Mother Won´t be There Until Way Later

Don´t expect to meet her mother anytime soon. She sees her as a competitor and is not willing to give you up to her too. It doesn’t mean anything other than that, don’t take it as a lack of commitment.

11 – She Can be Aggressive

Even if you meet her at a China video chat, chances are she will be a bit aggressive from the beginning. Again, this is because she is afraid to get hurt. What you need to do is making some meaningful and romantic gesture to make her feel loved.

12 – (Too) Friendly with Other Guys

Yes, she will be flirting and making friends with other men besides you and that is your chance to show self-confidence and respect. Don´t go mad over it, she doesn’t mean it in a wrong way.

13 – Attention, Attention, Attention

Yes, daddy-issues girls need more attention than the ones who don’t have them just because they feel they’ve had a lack of it before. Be there for her in a consistent way and she will embrace you.

14 – Older Men are Her Dating Target

If you see a pictures of Chinese women dating with older men, there are high chances they are living their daddy issues dream. I say chances because some women just like older men without any resemblance to their daddies.

15 – Several Barriers of Defense

Once you go through all the barriers of defense, she will put you through, you might find yourself with someone who is a ball of energy and love. Just don´t give up when things get tough (because they will).


Single Chinese women are all about love and caring. When we say they suffer from daddy issues, it is not a way of speaking, they really do suffer their own problems. Once you are beyond lines of defense, she might be the most caring and loving woman on the world for you.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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