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Day: April 5, 2016

I’m ready to hit the Asian dating pool! How can I get more dates with fine Chinese babes?

There are literally thousands of dating sites out there featuring thousands and thousands of hot Asian girls looking for everything…

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I keep starting great conversations with hot Chinese single ladies online but then they disappear! What am I doing wrong?

It’s a common enough occurrence. Answering the ads in the Chinese women personals you run across your dream girl. She’s…

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Omg! Is a tattoo still a dilemma for Chinese girls?

The Chinese have been aware of tattoos for thousands of years. In the Chinese language, tattoos are famous by the…

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Impacts and Consequences of Cultural Differences in China and the US

Online dating has made the world global and arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity. People…

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Have you ever heard of a “one-night stand”? Westerners are very familiar with this word. However, in Chinese society, it…

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