4 Facts about Asian Ladies: Which Make Them the Best Life Partners

In the world of dating, it’s common to see western men date Asian ladies. We’ve all been too familiar with Asian dating sites and Asian bars where westerners dance with Asian party girls and even agree on the fact that some of these western men have a serious case of yellow fever. However, they’re not to be blamed as they are indeed beautiful, exotic, and very interesting to the eyes of these men. But, what’s the reason behind this strong attraction? For those who are interested and for those who can deeply relate, here are some of the reasons why Asians are so attractive:

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They are Family-Oriented

The reason why we keep on seeing pretty Asian brides is that western men are marrying them not only for their irresistible charms but also because of their family-oriented nature. Indeed, Asia is a huge continent, and this covers a lot of Asian countries. However, placing importance in the family is a predominant fact that we can observe among Asian nations.

Thus, if you’re going to marry one, it’s expected that you’re going to see her caring for her family members even when she’s already living independently from them. On the other hand, if you’re going to start a family with her, she will love the family that you’ve created with her as well, and she will do it with patience, respect, care, and attention.

This makes Asian women the perfect wives because starting a life with an Asian woman means that family is important, so expect that she will put this on her priority list. Unlike western women, though they do also put importance on family, Asian women tend to extend their concern and care for their family members on a different level. This makes them attractive to the eyes of western men as it’s different from their individualistic nature.

They Make Good Wives

This is in relation to what’s stated above. One of the reasons why western men is because they want to marry them. This is because they’re great housewives. They’re more traditional, so they’d love to take care of their husbands. This includes tending to the children and keeping the house clean. Of course, as the times are already changing, some Asian women become westernized. However, predominantly, they still are the perfect caretakers.

This is what sets them apart from western women. Western women have a more dominant nature and are more likely to act out based on equal opportunities, so you’re likely to compete with them and argue, especially when talking about roles.

On the other hand, these beautiful Asian ladies, though they appear like they’re passive and indecisive, are easier to talk to, especially when you have a dominant nature. This is not necessarily a negative thing. It’s just that they’re more likely to value your options and interests so they will do their best to hear you out and listen to what you have to say with respect.

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They are Collectivists

Asian culture is known to follow collectivism. Thus, these gorgeous Asian girls hate to be faced with loneliness and stagnation. This will not only apply to her forming friendships, but this would also mean that she would tend to stay with her family members and stick with them despite old age.

Unlike western women, or the western culture in general, who live in individualistic societies, Asian women gravitate towards keeping their bonds with people in their lives. So, don’t be surprised to interact and be introduced to their huge families. Their engaging nature and collectivism make them attractive and fun to be with.

They are Exotic

Whatever country they come from, whether they’re southeast Asians girls, east Asian girls, north Asian girls, and the like, they’re definitely exotic. Although their features vary, they all have one thing in common – they have striking features. If you’re curious about Asians, there are a lot of types to look out for. You can go for Asians with porcelain skin, slanted eyes, and straight hair like the Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese, or you go for the exotic Asians who have golden to light skin and big and bright eyes like the Filipinos, Indians, Indonesians, and Thailanders. Asian girls have their own exotic features, so choosing your ideal girl will depend on your preferences.

Despite the variety, you can definitely say that they have this feminine beauty that western men can’t deny. While western women are equally stunning, western men don’t find them that exotic as they have the same geographical features. Plus, Asian women have that innocent and child-like feature, something so irresistible among western men that aren’t always seen on western women. Also, they’re considerably shorter compared to western women. This is why, despite the mature Asian women pics that they post, they still appear small and fragile. Lastly, they have these tantalizing eyes. Yes, western women have some of the most beautiful eyes. However, with Asian women, their black or dark brown eyes mixed with their slanted eye shape and overall face feature give off that mysterious quality – something that western men really love about them.

Dating an Asian girl is certainly exciting. Because she comes from a different culture, not only do her features look exotic but her overall personality, beliefs, and values are also different. This is why they’re interesting to be with and are attractive to western eyes because they offer something fresh, playful, and stimulating to these curious western men. If you want a life with an Asian, there is definitely happy with marrying her. You just have to look harder and find the perfect match for you.



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