May 16, 2022

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4 First-Date Questions to Ask Chinese Women Before Marriage

When dating Chinese women, when do you know that she is THE ONE? In other words, if you’re looking for Chinese wife, how do you know that you’ve found your life partner and it’s time to ask her to marry you?

These are tough questions to ask – and certainly tough to answer! But there is actually a group of people who can help you ensure that you’re NOT marrying the wrong ones.

Those people are divorce lawyers. That’s right – the only people that get in the middle of some of the most painful periods in every divorced man and woman’s life: a divorce, heartbreak, shattered dreams, rivers of tears, and all that.

Divorce lawyers have seen it all: they have talked to the people who once loved each other and couldn’t imagine their lives without one another, but then at one point they drifted away and never wanted to see each other again.

looking for Chinese womenSo we might want to listen to lawyers, because they know answers to many questions (in particular, they know what ruins a marriage).

In particular, divorce attorneys advise you to arm yourself with these simple questions to ask on a first (or second) date in order to avoid a bad end. Because if you’re looking for beautiful Chinese brides, you can know if she is THE ONE from the start.

“Are you close to your parents and siblings? When was the last time you spoke to them?”

It may seem like a useless question, but it’s not. An answer to this simple question can tell about Chinese babes more than seeing a couples therapist together.

Avoid those trips to couples counseling (and a bad relationship that prompts those unnecessary and doomed-to-fail marriage counseling sessions in the first place) by watching out for these red flags.

If you’re looking for Chinese women for marriage and her answer to your question is that she isn’t even on speaking terms with her family – or that she has any other kind of messed up and unpleasant relations with her family – you may want to stay away from this girl for your own sake.

Similarly, if it sounds as if she couldn’t care less about her family, it’s a bad sign.

beautiful Chinese brides

The elegant Chinese woman that you want to marry stays in touch with her family members regularly, is family-oriented and respects her family of origin.

However, when Chinese women become overprotective of their family or give you an answer that indicates that they are obsessed with their family, that’s a sign of an unhealthy family relationship as well, and you may want to avoid marrying that person.

After all, you wouldn’t want to end up in a marriage where the girl’s parents call the shots or she prioritizes her family members over you.

“Do you think ‘happily ever after’ is real?”

That’s an interesting one. If you’re checking out the picture of Chinese woman for hours and fantasize about marrying her, hold your horses. Before you walk down the aisle together, ask her about the notion of “living happily ever after” when two people get married.

Note: the notion indicates that once two people tie the knot, they are GUARANTEED to live in happiness for the rest of their lives, reminiscent of two characters from a cheap romantic novel that get married at the end.

elegant Chinese womanA lot of Chinese dating women believe in this absurd notion, but that’s a bad sign, because all relationships require a great deal of work, communication and commitment from both spouses in order to make things work.

Naively believing that marriage solves all problems and that putting a ring on the finger means ‘MISSION COMPLETE’ is plain wrong. After marriage, your journey only begins.

“What do you like most about your job?”

If you’re out there trying to meet Chinese ladies free on dating websites, do know that many Chinese women believe that the man should be the only breadwinner in a family.

Therefore, some beautiful Chinese brides don’t have any careers plans and aren’t employed. But for those Chinese babes who work, ask them what they love most about their job.

Needless to say, having no job and not aspiring to work is NOT a red flag for a lady if you’re looking for a stay-at-home unemployed wife who will take care of the cooking, shopping, cleaning and raising the kids at home.

“How did your last relationship end?”

Be warned that some Chinese women may choose to lie about this, especially if you’re asking this at first several dates. You need to get more intimate and get to know each other more in order to honestly answer questions like this.

So you may want to save this question for later, and then find out how your potential wife’s last relationship (or marriage) ended. If her answer is only about how her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband failed the relationship, it’s probably not the best idea to date – or worse, marry – such a person.

We’re all grown-ups, and not believing in the notion that both parties are responsible for their breakup – or divorce – shows that either the woman is clueless about how relationships work or doesn’t take responsibility for her actions (both are bad signs, obviously).single women online