4 Things That Men Think Matter Most to Asian Ladies Proved Wrong

It’s not every day that you learn what Asian ladies want, and you heard it through this dating vine: It is true that there are things that men think most women would judge them by; but, surprisingly, these are things that Asian girls wouldn’t actually care much about.

Without batting an eye, exotic Asian women wouldn’t be that impressed at all with a number of things that men think matter. It’s important to know what misleads us when we’re dating, and so we’ve trimmed them down to this shortlist:

  1. exotic Asian girlFancy cars

How often do we see pictures of Asian women posing beside cars and posting this on their dating profile? Online, it’s hardly the thing you see on their wall or page since there are many other things that represent them. Because both are sleek and beautiful, there are men who would associate images of posh girls and fast cars together. And yet, most Asian daters would rather pose solo, with a pet, or with a view of nature.

If a Porsche or Chevy literally made your jaw drop, then better think twice about how the most stunning Asian women would react. Some may spare a moment’s glance at your flashy car, but not everyone would be quite as taken as you’d expect them to be. It isn’t vehicle ownership that will captivate your muse and get her. It’s the thought of owning your heart that will capture her if she’s a keeper.

In truth, it hardly matters to most women how your car looks or how much it costs. As long as it runs and gets you places where you need to be, then that’s convenient. A clean interior, though, and a well-maintained engine and exterior would go a long way to impress her.

So, better hurry up and change your profile photo if it’s a piece of metal posted without you. Maybe what she wants is a striking selfie of a relaxed guy wearing a smile. That sort of hunk would gear her towards reading more about you.

  1. Good looks

Spoiler alert: It takes more than a handsome face for Asian girls online to go crazy and give chase! A pretty face can be eye candy, absolutely, but who wouldn’t hope for more? So, it’s not like you don’t stand a chance if there are a bunch of other good-looking guys in the room or forum.

If you’re wondering what sets you apart, then go beyond physical attraction. There are other non-physical traits which women find attractive, and these include a gentle face, kind eyes, and good manners. Add to that a winning smile and a great sense of humor. All these traits combine as a whole to create a man’s sex appeal.

  1. Contact sports and outdoor activities

stunning Asian womenAlong with your physique, it’s your personality that they’ll find attractive. There’s something irresistible about a man who makes great eye contact, listens to their voice, and gravitates towards them through body language, especially when you’re chatting.

To complement how fit and feminine women are, men usually respond by displaying that masculine side.  You present a manly version of yourself involved in sports, races, and all kinds of activities. But then again, it hurts your chances of gaining her affection when these actions seem to be too aggressive, risky, and extreme.

Whether it’s all for show or for real, this might be the self-portrait which you choose to present to Asian online dating sites. You’re in great form with your abs and strong in your power lifts. But unless they see something more in you like sensitivity and substance, exotic Asian girls will find you shallow. Unknowingly, you might be losing their interest by not showing your sensitive side.

  1. Hobbies and Interests

Although your hobbies say a lot about you, they also tell a lady what you can do together. Is there common ground for you like love for cooking, travel, books, music, or the arts? This works both ways. If she’s not into any of your interests and you’re not into any of hers, then what brings you together as one? A couple’s relationship strengthens and becomes more long-lasting when there is shared time and common interests. These are ingredients that help build the foundation for a lifetime of friendship.

When feelings deepen into love and genuine affection is achieved, there are some things which won’t matter to her anymore. Having endeared yourselves to each other in a personal way, it won’t matter much whether you’re tall or short, fair or dark, serious or funny, or whatever quirky trait she has come to accept.

The bottom line is that it isn’t all about the things you have and the possessions you own. Partners are endowed with their own kind of wealth and they each bring value into the relationship. So, the next time you look at pictures of Asian women on the web, don’t be too quick to judge or jump to conclusions either. Find out what matters most to you and your girl, and get it right!asian girls


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins love-sites.com aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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