4 Tips to Dating Asian Girls That Are ‘Out Of Your League’ That Actually Work

We’ve all seen those breathtakingly beautiful Asia girls that are so damn hot that they end up intimidating guys wherever they go. That’s what men commonly refer to as “she’s out of your league,” one of the dumbest excuses created by men so they don’t even have to put an effort into starting a conversation with gorgeous Asian women.

First of all, a huge mistake. Second of all, there is no such thing as some gorgeous Asian girls being out of anyone’s league. Need proof? Think about how many times you’ve thought to yourself “Wait what?! How come this average-looking guy is dating such a sexy tall Asian girl?” in your lifetime. Many times, we bet.

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But I know what you’re thinking right now “Yeah, right, yet another nonsense article telling me to grow the balls and build confidence to date attractive Asian women, without giving any solid advice.” Not so fast, fella, we have a bunch of useful tips for you.

Ask yourself this one critical question before you open your mouth to say ‘Hi’

Whether you see a girl so beautiful you can’t breathe in real life or stumble across some gorgeous Asian woman online profile on the best dating websites, always ask yourself this: “Why am I even attracted to this girl? What makes her better than millions of other girls that I can meet?

Trust me, your answer can become a major deal breaker and eye-opener. What we’re trying to tell you is this: if the only reason why you want to date her is because of her looks, then you might want to give it more thought. Look, it’s only natural to be attracted to the most beautiful Asian women at first sight. But looks alone is no guarantee of a good relationship.

You may have heard the good old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The same thing applies here. If the reasoning behind dating a girl who is “out of your league” goes well beyond looks, then it’s probably a good idea to give it a shot. On the other hand, if your only motivation is to meet Asian girls for casual dating, then your urge to date an out-of-your-league woman is justified.

Tips to date a girl who is out of your league

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  1. Be confident – but don’t be a jerk. There is a blurred line between being confident and being a complete jerk – and it’s fairly easy to cross the line. While jerks and bad boys can be alluring in the eyes of most girls, the crème brûlée of Asia girls (the girls we typically refer to as “out of your league”) are not like “most girls,” and are rarely attracted to arrogance and condescending behavior. That’s why you might often see gorgeous girls dating average-looking guys with good personalities.
  2. Be around – but don’t be a creep. Nope, we don’t mean stalking her around or peeking through her windows at night. What we mean is this: be around as much as possible to make your face “familiar” to her. If you know that she’s a frequent visitor at this local coffee shop, buy coffee there more frequently (even better, if she’s a barista there – give her tips and don’t forget to smile!), or, if she works at your office, have lunch at the same time she does often enough so that she notices you (that, of course, if your office has a diner or café room where employees eat their lunch)… Or if you spotted gorgeous Asian girls online on social media or dating sites – don’t forget about likes, comments, poking, retweets, and other forms of online interaction to get their attention before engaging in a chat. Making your face “familiar” will help you stand out from the crowd and also make you less intimidating than the majority of other guys (trust me, there are a lot of those).
  3. Put an effort into your looks – but don’t go crazy. When people say looks don’t matter at all, many guys tend to interpret it as “Awesome, I can just neglect my body, gain gazillion pounds of weight, become a couch potato, and shower once a week… scratch that: once a month!” Don’t be surprised if a girl out of your league rejects your proposal to go on a date. You don’t necessarily have to have a body of a movie actor like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Chris Hemsworth or have the facial features of Brad Pitt to attract gorgeous Asian girls. But feeling confident in your body and putting at least a little bit of effort into your looks and grooming gives you an upper hand over all those hundreds of other guys who keep salivating over a beautiful girl.
  4. Have a sense of humor – but don’t be offensive or nasty. If it seems that an out-of-your-league girl won’t even dare to look at you, always be sure to have a trump card up your sleeve: a good sense of humor. Being a guy who is fun to hang out with is even more important than looking handsome. Because, trust me, you can’t surprise a gorgeous girl with looks, but a good sense of humor can make an excellent first impression. However, don’t mistake a “good” sense of humor for that nasty and offensive sense of humor that makes people laugh at someone else’s expense.

These four tips are a good start. Learn them by heart and recite them before bedtime every night, and you’ll be good to go to pick up stunningly beautiful girls.


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins love-sites.com aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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