5 Common Dating Habits That Chinese Women Don’t Like

5 Common Dating Habits That Chinese Women Don’t Like

Unlike dating women from western culture, dating Chinese Women comes with a lot of expectations. This is because relationships in China are considered more serious, and several factors need to be considered to make the dating Chinese ladies successful.

In this article, we will discuss some common mistakes that men make when Chinese women dating. Knowing these mistakes can help you find success in online dating with Chinese girls. Let’s dive right into them:

Forcing PDA too Early

Believe it or not, Chinese women are not open to a public display of affection. This is especially true if it is initiated early on in the relationship. Forcing it will only make them feel embarrassed and offended.

Although this is not true for every Chinese woman, make sure that you take things slow and follow her lead. You might find others who do not mind some PDA on the first date, but that is a rare occurrence. While this is not the norm in western countries, it is advisable to check with a Chinese girl, whether it is okay to hold hands or have a peck on the cheek in public.

Not Making your Intentions Clear

More often than not, women from China are always looking for partners who will take them seriously and have a stable and long-term relationship leading to marriage.

It is crucial to know that most of the ladies in China are not into one night stands or casual dating. Although this may be different for women located in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai, there is no doubt that a majority prefer serious relationships to casual dating.

Therefore, if you are interested in a hot Chinese girl that you met in Chinese dating sites, it is best to let them know your intentions very early in the relationship. Discuss what you hope for in the future and whether you would want to know them better or not.

The bottom line is, have an honest discussion about your dating preferences and what you both want from the relationship. This will make things easier for both of you.

Not Expressing Interest in Family and Kids

Another thing that you should know about Chinese women is that they are very family-oriented. This means that they take family very seriously, which includes marriage and having kids in the long run. For this reason, they tend to seek men that have intentions of raising a family and stay clear from those that don’t.

Therefore, if you are trying to win a Chinese beauty, you better show them that you are interested in marriage and kids. Although she may not want more than one kid due to the mandatory government policy, you can be assured that she is interested in men who are open to having kids.

On the same note, hot Chinese women don’t appreciate men who show a lack of interest in meeting their family. Family is a crucial component in the Chinese culture, and Chinese ladies are taught to honor their parents, grandparents, and ancestors. As stated earlier, they are raised to be family-oriented and their family’s approval matters a lot.

In fact, because of their tightly knit families, it is not surprising to find ladies of legal age living with their parents. Therefore, you should make an effort to meet her family and bring a special gift if possible.

Making Broad Generalization About Chinese Women

Another common mistake that most western men make that Chinese babes dislike is generalizing them. Like other women, Chinese ladies are not all the same, and it will be very unfair for you to expect her to behave like the Chinese women stereotypes. They may have similar mannerisms and etiquette, but this is only because of cultural influence.

You should know that every lady in China has her distinct qualities, preferences, and personalities, and you should be open to appreciate her for that. For instance, just because women from China are known for cooking Chinese dishes does not mean that your Chinese girlfriend automatically knows how to very well.

Not Being Bold or Attentive

China girls love a man that is bold enough and takes the initiative and ask them out on a date. They also expect the man to take control of where the date will occur and pay for whatever they will eat. According to the Chinese customary, it is a turn off if the man declines to pay for dates, and such men are deemed cheap.

Also, it is a big turnoff for men to have poor listening skills. Such men are deemed rude, and the lady may think that you don’t care or respect their feelings or thoughts. To avoid this common mistake, paying attention to your date and restraining from talking too much or being boastful is advisable. Chinese girls expect you to ask them questions about themselves and listen to her answers attentively.


There are so many things that turn off Chinese women and above are just some of the things to watch out for. Therefore, if you are looking to date a beautiful Chinese girl successfully, you must avoid these common mistakes. Don’t forget to make the right first impression, display enough confidence, and exercise a lot of honesty and respect as you get to know your date. You should also be open to new experiences than the ones you are used to in western culture.



Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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