5 Popular Questions that Bore Asian Girls

Online dating conversation usually follows the trend of question and answers which are understandable because both of you have no background and trying to discover each other. Chinese mail order brides have made it easy for Europeans and Americans to meet with  but during such meetings, the Europeans and Americans who are very curious would go ahead and ask questions which are out of place making their date irritated and sometimes baffled. Some of those questions that will bore your Asian date includes;

Chinese girls


1. How good are you in martial arts?

Like seriously? In as much as Chinese movies portray every Chinese as a martial art pro, you should know that it is not everything you see in movies are real. No doubt, martial arts are like a tradition in china but like every rule and traditions, there are always exceptions. The reality goes contrary to what you see in movies because there are fewer Chinese girls that know martial art when you compare the number to the sexy Chinese who do not know at all. Let this question come deep into the relationship if you must ask at all.


2. Asking about their sexual status

It may sound funny but some men actually do this, ask a single Chinese girl if she is still virgins or not. The prompt stems from the quiet nature of Chinese women which makes European and American men believe that they are inexperienced. This is not only stereotypical but a total degradation of the female gender. What anyone does in their private life should not be your problem. Instead of throwing forward such questions, ask her what she thinks about sex. Asian girls will open up more to you if you ask the right questions.

3. Are you the one I saw in so and so video?

The majority of men across the globe are guilty of this. They find it flattery but a china girl will feel insulted. Chinese movie makes employ the best costume artists such that an ordinary china girl will be painted till she looks like the sexiest Chinese woman in the world. Therefore, making such assumptions may be irritating to your date. Avoid using ‘are’ and ‘do’ to start your questions. ‘What’, ‘who’ and ‘why’ are better alternatives.

Chinese ladies4. Bringing up stories about your past experiences

Because of the ease to meet Chinese ladies online, many guys rush in without asking basic questions. You may have had a terrible experience the last time you tried to date a bride in china online but please keep it to yourself. It is wrong to keep bringing your past experience into a new relationship because you will end up tormenting your new date with a problem that was not their making. Funny as it may sound, some guys will relay their past experience like a very interesting tale but end with a question like this or similar, “hope you will not behave in the same way as my former date”. Such unhealthy comparison should be avoided as much as possible because they cause more harm than good.

5. Why should such a pretty girl like you sign up for online dating?
This sounds like a fancy type of question one would ask in a flattery way but it is possible that the Chinese lady does not have your sense of humor and frown at the question which in a way means that she is not pretty enough to magnet men in a traditional way and had to come online. Considering that online dating only began to receive broad acceptance, it will be safer to avoid such a question entirely till both of you have a better understanding of each other.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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