7 Ways Chinese Dating Changes as We Get Older

Chinese dating all the way through young adulthood is completely different compared to when you are of older age. There are more major changes that will come your way, which will lead to a very different experience.

Having an understanding of the scope of these differences can guide and prepare you for the dating world, especially when you are someone who would be re-entering it after a period of time.

Brace yourselves, for this article, will give you refreshing and honest perspectives on how Chinese dating culture can change as one gets older. However, bear in mind that everything tackled here would definitely depend from person to person. Enjoy reading!

7 Ways Change is Manifested

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There are seven ways wherein your standards in searching for a romantic partner could change:

  1. Partner Preferences

Ten years ago, you may be alright with finding just a hot Chinese lady, but as time goes by, this might not be the case anymore. As you get older, your taste for an ideal mate usually changes.

Finding a hot chick may no longer work for you. After how many years in the dating field, you may now be searching for potential Chinese brides. Why? It might be because you are now ready to tie the knot.

Looks definitely get moved down your list. Physical attraction may always be important in a relationship, but you realize that it does not matter the most. You are now into a more serious relationship because you understand that substance must go with the package.

Your preferences would be a lot different when you are in your twenties compared to when you are already in your late thirties. After all, you are no longer the same person you were when you were younger. The experiences you encountered in life changes you.

Indeed, experience comes with age. You will learn what your likes and dislikes are in a man or a woman, perhaps after having a few romantic relationships of your own. Heartbreak is inevitable, but it will teach you things that will be very valuable in weeding out the good partner for you.

You will also begin to understand and see your own worth. Doing so is the first step to having a happy and healthy relationship. Remember that the most important and powerful relationship is with yourself.  If you do not love “you” in a healthy way, it would be hard for you to have healthy relationships. If you do not value yourself, then it would be too hard for you to walk away when others are already mistreating you.asian girls

  1. Priorities

As you get older, it may be that you are now more at ease being part of the single Chinese women or Chinese men community. We believe that as you age, your attention shifts to building your life. You will likely focus on working your professional and personal accomplishments. You will already understand the importance of being contented while being single.

You will learn to raise your standards. You are now quite guarded on whom you would accept into your heart. You are now cautious enough to make sure that if you would ever let someone be part of your life, he or she will enhance it and not bring complications. You are tired of the drama.

In addition, you now have an intense yearning to fight for your relationship. Rather than just walking away at the first sign of inconvenience, you learn to stick with someone through thick and thin (as long as they never mistreat or abuse you).

  1. Chinese bridesKnowing the Red Flags

You will have a lower tolerance for drama, mind games, and nonsense. You start to identify these red flags much earlier. You already know when to cut ties because you have learned that you cannot change people. You would now want a more serious relationship with real goals and ambitions. After all, we need a partner and a teammate, not a project.

  1. More Responsibilities

You might become less flexible. Dating a Chinese girl is not your top priority as of the moment. You might already have a demanding career that requires more of your attention and time. You may have one or more kids to take care of. You just may have other important responsibilities in your life.

  1. More Straightforward

During your younger years, you may have found it very awkward to ask someone out, but when you are a little older, you become more straightforward. You are more open with your intentions. Suddenly, everything moves faster. There is no room for messing around.

Nowadays, Chinese individuals would even join a Chinese dating website and go out of their way to invite someone for a date.

  1. Deeper Conversations

When you reach an older age, you will start desiring a partner who is marriage material. The conversations will be more serious. You will value depth over outer appearance. You will be more drawn to someone who is full of wisdom and responsibility than merely being attracted to a pretty Chinese woman or handsome Chinese man.

You begin to appreciate the significance of having someone who you can build a genuine and deep emotional connection with.

  1. View on Love

Words will hold more meaning. You are going to save your “I love you” or the word love for a special event. You would want the whole experience to be memorable and worth it.

Final Thoughts

As we grow older, our ways and views on how to date a Chinese girl or Chinese boy would become different. As time changes, our beliefs and values may also change. We become a completely different person. We learn how to accept the love we deserve than to settle for unhealthy relationships, giving us a much more rewarding and genuine experience with our partners.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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