8 Ways to gain advantage on dating Chinese women

Dating Chinese women is one thing many American men look forward to. Chinese ladies are not only beautiful but also decent and highly committed to their relationship. They view relationship differently from western women. Having China wives will help western countries strengthen their genes as well as ensure that their younger generation continues to remain beautiful and resist some of the common infections.

asian-datingThe onset of online dating has helped to erase the problem associated with how to meet Chinese singles. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can easily log on to any one of Chinese dating site and begin to hit on sexy Chinese girls. There are ways foreign men who seek to date Asian women can be on the advantage and make these ladies choose them over their native men. A few of the tips have been highlighted below.

1. Be decent in your dressing

Asians are very concerned about their dressing habit and when they are dealing with a foreigner they would also expect them to have the same concern. American men looking forward to Asian dating should take their dressing habit serious.

2. Choose your words carefully

There are words used freely in western countries that you cannot use for a Chinese woman because she will feel insulted. For example, Americans use the word ‘fuck’ freely for different expressions but Asians will see this word as derogatory.

3. Send her gifts regularly

Brides from China are suckers for gifts. The size of the gift is not necessary what they consider; rather, they see gifts as a sign that their date has them in their heart. Still confused about what gift to send her? Chinese ladies still appreciate flowers a lot so you can always get them a bouquet of them.

4. Her family should be your concern

Any Chinese girl looking for marriage will always observe what her man thinks of her family. Unlike in the West, Asians still have a communal lifestyle where extended families have a say in the life of the younger ones. Their approval or disapproval will to a large extent affect the girl’s decision. Disrespecting an Asian girl’s mother is the fastest way to getting a rejection.

5. Make plans to take her to your country

You should realize that Chinese girls especially the upcoming generations desire the sort of liberty their peers in Western and European countries enjoy and would do anything to leave China. If you are financially buoyant, don’t promise to take her out of the country alone, make plans for it and she will definitely be drooling over you.

6. Give her the desired attention

sexy-chineseWomen, in general, are attention seekers. They would not mind if their date spends the whole day with them. It may sound illogical but women will pick guys who give them his time to one working hard to make sure they have a better life. Asian women have the same subtle inclination when it comes to picking a man of their choice.

7. Learn Chinese

You don’t have to be a fluent Chinese speaker to win her admiration, all you need to do is to show some interest in learning the language. If you can say the basic greetings in Chinese, it is enough and she will appreciate you for that.

8. Add a little humor

Men who are more engrossed in online dating can win the heart of their Chinese women by being a little funny. You do not have to be a comedian to be funny; saying things in a smart way is enough to send the desired message.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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