January 18, 2022


International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Angel – Spreading Her Wings

If you’ve spent any time at all on Chinese dating websites, you know as well as I do that stumbling across a smile as sweet and open as that of Angel is a rarity. She has a “Chinese girl next door” quality that reflects her sincere desire to find an American man to spend the rest of her life with. And with a smile like that, she shouldn’t have a hard time finding plenty of suitors who are looking for Asian brides!

hot chinese girlsHere’s the thing about meeting Chinese girls like this: you can tell how sweet they are just at a glance, but what lies underneath? What are hot Chinese girls looking for in a man? Well, for a sweet, well-educated financial analyst like Angel, a man who will treat her well and likes to eat is a good start!

“I like to cook lots of delicious food. If we get married you can have a good time with me in the kitchen!”

And the food isn’t the only source of zesty fun with Angel! She has a boldness you don’t often see on Chinese woman dating sites. She adds, “I am a very spicy girl!”

But again, Angel is also a serious, educated woman who values family and honesty. She tells us she is gentle and kind, and loves to go dancing and traveling. With a 5’5 beauty like this, you can imagine how much fun you would have seeing the world with her on your arm.

If you could find a girl at your office or near where you live who has as much to offer as Angel–honesty, kindness, and a zest for life–wouldn’t you ask her out? It’s amazing Angel is still available! She is a rare find on a Chinese dating site: a family girl with a good job, education, and a sincere heart that is looking for above all else.