Are There Any ‘Daddy Issues’ When Dating a Chinese Girlfriend?

If you want to have a Chinese girlfriend because you’re sick of dating women with “daddy issues,” you probably want to know whether Chinese women have the so-called “father complex.”

The phrase “daddy issues” is tossed around by people – mostly men – in the West too often these days. Men use the phrase to “diagnose” women – usually, their girlfriends or wives – when blaming them for all the bad stuff in their relationship or marriage.

But are “daddy issues” even a real thing? Or is it just a myth? And, above all, do single Chinese women have these issues that seemingly result from having a troublesome relationship with the father?

What Do ‘Daddy Issues’ Mean?

hottest Chinese womenThe term “daddy issues” – or, to be more exact, the “father complex” – was coined by neurologist Sigmund Freud. The complex describes the neuroses that result from a person’s dysfunctional relationship with their father.

Many men believe that a Chinese girl is just as likely to develop “daddy issues” as Western women. Interestingly, it was acknowledged by neurologists and psychologists that both women and men can have either positive or negative father complexes.

Still, for some reason, men tend to believe that only women can have “daddy issues.” The term “daddy issues” has very little to do with the original formal diagnosis (“father complex”), as it has become a colloquial phrase that people throw around even when it’s not suitable.

So how do you describe a hot Chinese lady with “daddy issues”? The term is used as an excuse for various behaviors and issues that women have. These issues are thought to be the result of women having a poor relationship with their fathers.

However, it seems that both young and mature Chinese ladies are being accused of having “daddy issues” for pretty much any behavior or misbehavior.

What Are ‘Daddy Issues’?

The classic definition of a girl with “daddy issues” is one who wants to date or marry a protective and older man who reminds her of her father, especially if her relationship with the father was inadequate or non-existent.

Women are being blamed for having these “issues” after making mistakes in their choice of partners and developing certain psychological problems in the course of romantic relationships.

In recent years, however, men have used the term “daddy issues” as a one-size-fits-all term to blame women for any social, emotional, or psychological behavior or problems that are too difficult to deal with.

Many men tend to believe that a woman who had an inadequate relationship with her father or the absence of a father figure during her childhood is more likely to have irrational and unpredictable moods.single Chinese women

The Term ‘Daddy Issues’ is Overused

If you ask around women on any Chinese dating website, they will tell you that they have been accused of having “daddy issues” by men for all kinds of reasons.

For example, men presume that women have “daddy issues” if they are too picky in who they date, date older men, demand more emotional support from their boyfriends and husbands, and if they become too possessive or controlling in a romantic relationship.

The hottest Chinese women who had an abusive father or who had an absence of a father figure in their childhood tend to suffer the most. These women end up being accused of having “daddy issues” for any reason or no reason at all.

Even if a guy was caught cheating, he could blame his girlfriend’s “daddy issue” for overreacting to unfaithfulness. Yes, it does get absurd in some cases, which is why the term “daddy issues” is overused and almost never used accurately.

Signs That a Woman Has ‘Daddy Issues’

These are the classic signs that a woman has daddy issues:

  • Clinginess. It’s not uncommon for women with the father complex to be desperate for attention to the point of being clingy. Some men mistake their girlfriend’s clinginess for excessive affection, but in many cases, a girl demands an unhealthy amount of attention or is too controlling out of desperation.
  • Relationships with men. The classic example of a woman with daddy issues is the one who gets along with men but is not very friendly toward other women. Yes, straight women are naturally drawn to men, but women who had a poor relationship with their father are more likely to make friends with men than women.
  • Emotional support. If a woman demands too much emotional support from her boyfriend or husband, it could be because she didn’t have enough emotional support from her father in childhood.
  • Defensive barriers. This is especially common among women whose father abandoned them in childhood or who lost their father early on. A woman with daddy issues is afraid of the possibility of losing her current or potential boyfriend, which is why her defensive barriers may kick in to cut a man off or break up for no reason.
  • Interest toward older men. This tends to be the classic example of a girl with daddy issues. If she’s dating older men, it could be because she has the father complex. In fact, some women take it to the extreme of dating older men who look, act, or behave like their father. Yes, I know, creepy, but the phenomenon is not uncommon.

Yes, “daddy issues” are a real thing, but the phrase is too overused these days. Many men throw this phrase around for no reason at all when trying to find an explanation for a woman’s actions.asian girls


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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