Asian Dating: Is Interracial Dating Still A Taboo Topic In 2018?

It’s 2018, the year when the popularity of Asian dating is booming, as an increasing number of men from all around the world want to meet sexy Chinese girls. But many of our readers ask the same question over and over again, “I’m white, so if I get into a relationship with an Asian girl, would bringing an Asian girl to a party be frowned upon or is discussing an interracial relationship is still a taboo topic at a dinner table?”

Good question. These days, we hear accusations “You’re racist!” all over the news on a daily basis, while lawmakers are doing whatever it takes to eradicate racial discrimination once and for all. But what about interracial romances? Is it still as controversial as it used to be?

sexy Chinese girlsThe idea of finding single Chinese women on some of the best online dating sites may not seem like a big deal to many, yet many foreign men are concerned about how other people would perceive their interracial relationship. Dating someone from another race in 2018… Do humans finally embrace that idea or shun it?

Interracial romances kept in the dark

One of the biggest concerns of people who are into interracial dating is that they’re uncertain how their families will react to their relationship. Meaning: for many people, you cannot exactly show around a Chinese sexy girl pic to your family members at a dinner table without hearing one or two stereotypical or even racist phrases.

That’s why so many interracial couples keep their relationship in the dark to avoid being frowned upon, criticized, ridiculed, and avoid having to deal with other types of discrimination and harassment.

Racial stereotypes about Asian girls

Whenever a foreign man goes to a Chinese dating website to find Chinese women vs Japanese women, he’s often entering a dangerous territory. That’s because many of these men want to date Chinese girls based on stereotypical ideas about Asian dating.

single Chinese women

First of all, the-so called yellow fever fetish is a huge turn-off for both young and mature Chinese ladies. Many men are into yellow fever fetish because they sexually objectify Asian women, they think Asian girls are passive and submissive, and all great in the bedroom. These racial stereotypes and the reason why interracial dating is still controversial in 2018.

Cultural and traditional differences between whites and Asians

One of the reasons interracial dating is considered “awkward” by many is due to the cultural and traditional differences between the Asians and other races. While it’s true that a traditional Chinese woman has been raised on a set of values, perspectives and philosophies different from that of a white man from America or Europe, it no way does it mean that any relationship between a white man and an Asian woman is doomed to end.

Best Dating Sites,big Asian girls,

These traditional and cultural differences shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, dating someone who was raised on a different set of cultural and traditional values can help you broaden your perspective of life.

Having children with Asian girls

If you’re interested in dating an Asian girl as a white man, and your intentions are long-term and serious, you’ve most likely thought about having children with your prospective Chinese wife. It’s not uncommon for an interracial marriage between a white man and Asian woman to consist of white and Asian kids, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong in that.

But unless the racial stereotypes are eliminated in the next few years as these children grow up, you have to understand that these kids may get a different treatment from society.

Live your life, fall in love

The bottom line is this: love sees no skin color or race. Love goes well beyond these factors. When it comes to falling in love, it’s your heart who’s calling the shots. So if you are wondering how to date a Chinese girl but aren’t quite sure about how others would perceive your interracial romance, know this: It’s your life, it’s your decision, and no one but you can and should tell you how to live your life.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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