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Author: Veronika

Veronika is a Russian girl and relationship expert, who enjoys writing articles about dating and international relationships.


Of all the Russian girls I have seen. Sorry, let me rephrase. If I had seen Daria first, I would…

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6 Ways to Attract Russian Girls

Russian girls are the top most wanted women in the world. Their pictures are enough to hypnotize any man with…

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5 Places to Meet Russian Girls

Russian girls are the most beautiful women in the world. Most men around the globe dream of Russian girls, especially…

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Where can you find the hottest Russian girls for dating–and more?

Dating and your personal taste in who you are attracted to is completely subjective. This means that you like what…

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Why do American men want to marry Russian brides?

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t met her myself. My friend–let’s call him Erik–had never had much luck…

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Death is the one big risk you have to take when dating a Russian woman. I know you all don’t…

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