Best Dating Advice When Going Out with Filipino Women

Best Dating Advice When Going Out with Filipino Women

In the recent generation, dating Filipino women are far more different compared to the way it was done many years ago. Before, when a man wanted to go on a date, he was expected to invite the girl, pay the bill, and basically, be the one in charge. Now, dating for men is not as stiff especially with the rise of online dating. Nevertheless, the pressure to make a good impression is still there.

It is inevitable for men to feel pressured when they flirt, date, or handle a relationship with a Filipino female. One of the reasons for this is that it is hard for them to seek advice from women themselves, or it’s a struggle for them to talk about this kind of topic with their friends. Dating is nerve-racking. If you’re the kind of man I just mentioned, worry not because these tips will help you find love with a Filipino girl.

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Make Yourself Visible
It is almost impossible to meet a potential partner if you don’t show yourself. Yes, there are a lot of possible reasons for this like getting your heart badly broken or being excessively shy. Whatever the reason is, you must get past through that difficulty and start interacting with new people.

Dating Filipina singles is naturally risky and stressful since you need to be open-minded to new people and vulnerable to new experiences. Instead of trying to avoid these, it will be much better to just embrace them. To help you ease your mind, just think that your date does go through the same thing.

Interact with Women in Person and Online
For most older men, they are more comfortable meeting women in person and directly striking a conversation with them. However, for most younger men, they are more comfortable talking with women for the first time through online dating apps. You don’t need to choose which is the better option between the two. You can just do both: talk to women in person and use an online dating app. Depending on your interests, you can start meeting people from there. You can also explore new interests such as taking a cooking class.

Flirt Naturally
Flirting with beautiful Filipino women is not easy, especially if you’re forcing yourself to do it. Rather than overthinking it and using lines or tricks just to impress your date, it will be best to use your natural charm. Whether you are talking to a woman in person or on an online dating app, you better converse with her like how you would converse with your family or friends. This is effective because it lessens the pressure and lets you be yourself and relax throughout the conversation. As a result, your girl will feel comfortable with you.

Another advice is to maintain good eye contact and smile when you go out on a date. When your date speaks, be sure to listen attentively. Filipino girls like it when you engage yourself with their stories by sharing your comments instead of acknowledging them by using one-word responses. Make sure not to be overconfident when you flirt. A light tap on the shoulder can do, but if you go beyond that, your date might feel uncomfortable.

If your date doesn’t show any interest while talking with you, don’t try to force your way to the conversation. You will just waste your time.

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Consider the Venue of Your Date Carefully
If you plan your first date, the venues that will first pop in your head are fancy restaurants or bars. Although these are good places to hang out, they are not the best places to have your first date.

When dating a Filipina what to expect is comfort. If you choose to have your date in a bar, it might be too busy because of the crowd. For fancy restaurants, the atmosphere there might make you feel uncomfortable or pressured. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose a place that you are familiar with. Women like it when you think out of the box, so suggesting a date in the morning or afternoon in the park or at an art gallery is a good idea. Whatever the place may be, as long as you are in your element, it will be enjoyable for you and your date.

Make a Lasting Impression
First impressions do last. This is very important on your first date, but it’s not hard. Before you go out of your house, make sure that you look and feel good. You need to put the effort into polishing your appearance. Taking a shower, fixing your hair, and picking out clean and ironed clothes will go a long way. There’s no standard outfit for a first date. For instance, beautiful Filipina women like it when men wear clean polo, denim pants, and clean white sneakers. Aside from appearance, being confident, relaxed, and friendly is another effective way to make a lasting first impression.

Refrain from Using your Phone
In this era, checking your phone has almost become a norm. Nevertheless, you should never use your phone to check messages or scroll for updates on Facebook when you’re on a date. It does not only reflect on your social behavior but also turns your date off because you don’t appear to pay complete attention to her. You can either put your phone on silent mode and keep it or flip it over the table.

By following above advice, you will surely win the heart of the Filipino woman of your dreams. Just stay true to yourself and be polite and respectful, and surely the woman that you like will appreciate it.


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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