May 16, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Body Language That Attracts Asia Girls the Most

One way to appear more attractive in the eyes of Asia girls is to mind your body language. More than just your words, the way you move your body can also be a way that attracts people. That’s because body language conveys a deeper message than words ever can.

In fact, a former FBI agent Joe Navarro states that body language can touch the inner feelings of a person without them even knowing. It is possible to tell through body language if a couple is not in good terms or not. For instance, couples who point their legs away from each other are usually having a quarrel.

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If you know body language, then you’ll also know how someone feels about you. Expressing and reading attractive body language is very powerful in single dating and can determine whether you can be in a good relationship or not.

Here are some body language tips that can help you get any girl you want– especially those exotic Asian girls you’re eyeing on.

  • Maintain the Eye Contact

Have you ever had someone constantly steal a glance at you in the bar? Well, it simply means that they like you or are interested in you. Maintaining eye contact is kind of like a “hunter” type of instinct that shows you’re interested. If the other party looks back and maintains eye contact for five seconds, then it’s game time! Keeping eye contact for five seconds is a very common tactic of dominant Asian women if they’re interested in a man. They usually do the five-second gaze three times before they can get the man interested.

  • Raise the Head Up

Ever notice why a lot of women, especially Asia girls, stick their necks out if they like you? Science tells us it’s because they want to emit their hormones and attract you. They’ll even flip their hair back if they want to get you interested. However, it’s not just exotic Asian women who do this but some men as well. In fact, two people who are really attracted to each other will have their necks sticking out at each other pretty often.

  • Face Toward the Person You Like

When you like someone, you somehow subconsciously face them fully. As in your whole body faces them. Try to observe if a girl likes you. You’ll notice that her belly button will face you if you call her. If you both like each other, then chances are that both your belly buttons will face each other. You’ll find this sign very common with fine Asian girls as they’re pretty expressive with their body language.

  • Relax Your Arms

Ever noticed that you’d cross your arms if you’re in the presence of a person you’re totally not interested in? While it may appear pretty rude, it’s an automatic gesture. However, the opposite is when you like someone. Your arms tend to be more relaxed when you’re with someone you like. Try to notice if your date’s arms are in a relaxed position or not. If they are, then you have a pretty good chance with her.

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That’s about how you can express good body language when dating. Now, let’s talk about the common body languages you can read which also imply interest:

  • Quick Smiles

Those quick smiles are an indicator that a woman likes you but is most likely too shy to make a move. These signs are usually displayed by those cute Asian girls who are more often than not embarrassed to talk to their crushes. So what they’ll do is that they’ll take a quick glance and smile.

  • Show the Jugular

For women, the jugular is a pretty sensitive area. If she starts rubbing it, it is a pretty clear cut sign that she’s interested in you. She’d usually do this if you start talking about a rather sensitive topic. This is a small sign that she doesn’t mean opening up to you about that topic. It’s also an indication that you can move forward.

  • Bat of the Eyelashes

This is known as a very popular flirting tactic used by women. It’s actually a gesture that was made popular by the famous Marylin Monroe. If a girl starts batting her eyelashes at you, then she’s totally interested in you. You can now approach her and start to have a conversation.

  • Touch Lightly

There is no clearer indication of comfort and interest than a light touch. Women who touch you lightly or always have those “accidental” touching moments are definitely into you. Granted there are some women who are naturally touchy. However, if you notice that touches are rather frequent (especially the accidental touch), then it could mean something more than just friendliness. What you can do to confirm interest is to try to touch her back the same way she touches you and see whether or not she’s comfortable. If she is, then you can go for it.

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You can be very successful in the dating game if you master the art of body language. This is especially useful if you’re looking for an Asian wife. Asian girls, as mentioned above, are very expressive with body language even if they’re not with their words. They also look at your body language before they make a move. That’s why it pays to know how to read body language and how to express it at the same time.

You may think that if you find a girl in an Asian girl dating site, you can skip the whole body language game. However, things will be different when you two meet. That’s why you should learn all you can about body language as early as now.