May 16, 2022

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Can Online Philippines Dating Cultivate A Rejection Mindset?

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Online Philippines dating can be very interesting and exciting because of the unlimited options available to you. Meanwhle can it cultivate a rejection mindset?

Online Philippines dating can be very interesting and exciting because of the unlimited options available to you. However, on the other hand, it can also be burdensome for the same reason.

Going through tons of profiles in a quick second may seem like a good idea. Still, a new study reports that too many options can give a rejection mindset to online daters. How, you want to ask?

Continue reading to learn more about the rejection mindset and how it affects your approach towards online dating.

What Is the Rejection Mindset?

Before we go into that, let’s define the rejection mindset. The rejection mindset is when you’re constantly exposed to limitless potential matches. This causes people to feel more discouraged about finding a suitable partner, perpetuating a pattern of rejection. discloses that some Netherland researchers discovered that people were more prone to withdrawing themselves when using online dating apps because of the overwhelming number of options available to them.

The seemingly never-ending sea of profiles heightens feelings of discontentment that causes them to dismiss even potential Philippines brides, especially as they see more options.

The study comprised 150 and 315 heterosexuals between the ages of 18 and 30 that frequently use dating apps.

The result of the study was that, with time, the participants grew more disappointed with their choices and more discouraged about being selected themselves.

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The tendency to develop this mindset was determined to be higher in women, such as Philippine women. They tend to have this kind of mindset because their expectations of finding a suitable match decreased with increased search time.

In other words, having too many choices on online dating apps and websites can be a tad overwhelming and discouraging for persons looking to have a good relationship dating a Filipina woman.

When it comes to online Philippine dating, quantity is not always quality. Therefore, it is more advisable to take your time to evaluate the dating profiles and initiate contact or a face-to-face meeting sooner rather than later.

It is through mutual communication that you can then build a sustainable relationship with a person.

So, instead of trying to rush through several options in seconds, find a profile that suits your specifications and initiate contact to see how things go – this is how to maximize and thoroughly utilize online dating apps.

How to Beat the Rejection Mindset?

Now that we’ve discussed the rejection mindset and how it is caused by a “profile overload,” let’s talk about how to beat this mindset. This is so that you can go about your dating life happily and productively.

The outcome of the rejection mindset is a non-satisfactory and unfulfilled dating life and experience.

To answer the question, how do you get over the rejection mindset to put yourself in the proper position to meet suitable Filipino women?

  • In online dating, don’t take rejection personally.

When a person does not match or respond to you, or maybe they initially responded and then began to withdraw after a while, you may start to wonder why and start getting discouraged. Ensure you do not start blaming or finding faults with yourself; it may lead to a rejection mindset.

It is vital to bear in mind that your experience is often more profound than what you see when engaging in online dating Philippines. This means that you don’t know what the other person may be going through when you speak to them.

It could be that they stopped responding because they were unsure of how they felt and didn’t want to lead you on, or something significant happened in their lives that caused them to step away.

The point is that you should not always assume that you are the problem. Move on from the rejection and get your groove back.

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  • Don’t allow online dating rejection to discourage you.

Setbacks and failure are a regular part of life. What matters the most is how we bounce back from them. Failing doesn’t make you a failure in the same way that getting rejected does not mean you are not good enough.

When you take your dating “woes” too personally, it begins to affect the way you act, the vibes you give out, and people, especially the ones you go on dates with, can tell.

Moreover, as we well know, if you don’t rate yourself highly, other people probably won’t as well, and this will perpetuate a cycle of rejection.

Experiencing a “failed date” or missing a match is completely ordinary and universal. However, the secret to success is not letting it damper your enthusiasm or optimism to try again.

People can feel the energy you give out, so let only positive and excited energy through. So get back on that dating app, swipe right, and go on a date with that sexy Filipina.

  • Realize that in online dating, you also reject people.

Everyone on dating sites is just looking to find the right match, just like you. However, when you go through different profiles and swipe left, you are also, in essence, rejecting somebody.

So, swiping left on dating sites is not simply a part of online dating. Just as you don’t choose all the profiles you go through: everyone cannot choose you.

  • When using dating apps, try to figure out why you may have been rejected.

A challenging but vital question to ask on the subject of online dating is: “Why didn’t she swipe right?” No, it isn’t because you are not good enough or unlovable.

It is probably because a part of your profile didn’t match their specifications. Maybe it’s where you stay, or they are attracted to a different hair color than what you have.

Philippine women and other women all over the world, like men who exude positive energy. Because of this, when setting up your profile, it’s best to be more positive.

For instance, instead of putting the things you don’t like, such as I’m not too fond of dogs, including the things you do like, such as I like cats or I like themed parks, etc.


In conclusion, dating can be fun and exciting when you do it the right way. So, take a deep breath, swipe right on that profile, and go on a nice, cozy date. However, don’t take on too many profiles at a time!