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The Perks of Seeking Mature Single Women in Thai Dating

If you’re above the age of forty and single in status, then you’re not over-the-hill for Thai dating.  They say…

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Count on 8 Successful Tips for Dating Vietnamese Women

Is there a part of you that finds dating to be scary? Men often struggle with thoughts and feelings on…

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Thai Dating Basics: How to Be a Tease and Attract Your Girl

When it comes to Thai dating or dating with just about any girl from any race, teasing is a playful way of…

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How Can Philippine Girls Make Age Gaps in Relationships Work

In a recent survey conducted by the Social Weather Station, many Philippines girls are split on the idea of large age gaps…

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Body Language That Attracts Asia Girls the Most

One way to appear more attractive in the eyes of Asia girls is to mind your body language. More than just your words,…

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What Vietnamese Women Don’t Like About Summer: How to Spend a Summer Date with an Asian Girlfriend

Most Vietnamese women who’ve been to Europe or the U.S. (or have seen summer pics of Western Insta-girls on Instagram) have…

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