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Liz – Demure Beauty

Do you know the word “demure?” The dictionary defines it as “…modest or shy, especially in a playful or provocative…

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Victoria – Elegant Beauty

If it is possible that one single woman can define elegance, then Victoria is the Asian girl who can do…

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Aimee – Young and Curious

I know what you’re thinking. I know EXACTLY what you’re thinking, you dirty man–especially if you have surfed the web…

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Angel – Spreading Her Wings

If you’ve spent any time at all on Chinese dating websites, you know as well as I do that stumbling…

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Mars – Mars in the Moonlight

You could scour the top 10 Chinese dating sites for days or even for weeks and not come across a…

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Vivian – Long-Haired Beauty

Oh, man, I have always been a sucker for long, luscious hair. Raven locks that drape over a woman’s shoulders…

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