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Xinyan – Young But Strong

Well, let’s face it, there are Asian girls, and then there are Asian Women. Capital letters only apply to Xinyan…

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Lucy – Flower of the East

Flower. There’s something so perfect about how poets and songwriters have used flowers and flower-related words to describe the beauty…

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Hong – Active and Independent

I love meeting single Chinese girls who are active! You can just tell from the moment you first glance at…

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Ling – Sweet and Sincere

Well, if you didn’t see her with your own eyes you’d never believe it. If you’ve spent any time at…

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Yatte – Sexy Princess Looking for a Prince Charming

Ain’t she the perfect Princess? Actually the name Yatte means “Princess” in Hebrew…but this particular Yatte brings Princess into a…

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Belle— Night Nurse will care for love sick Papi

Meet Belle on our Chinese dating site… She’s an Aquarius girl. You know what they say about an Aquarius… She’s exciting,…

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