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Yatte – Sexy Princess Looking for a Prince Charming

Ain’t she the perfect Princess? Actually the name Yatte means “Princess” in Hebrew…but this particular Yatte brings Princess into a…

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Belle— Night Nurse will care for love sick Papi

Meet Belle on our Chinese dating site… She’s an Aquarius girl. You know what they say about an Aquarius… She’s exciting,…

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Jennifer – Emerald Goddess Yearns To Be discovered

Meet Jennifer on our Chinese dating website today… Jennifer is “Emerald” in Latin. And isn’t she just that? A gemstone. Beautiful, intense and…

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Mei – Rose Bud Searches for her Bumble Bee

Okay boys…brace yourself! This is going to be a bumpy, sweet, sexy ride. Can you feel it? I betcha you…

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Good Lord! Xia, this Chinese girl must have resulted from a perfect bio experiment. Each time you hear Pow screams AWESOOOOOOME in…

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Get your spectacles on

When I say get your spectacles on I don’t mean the type yuppies put on for fashion’s sake, both under…

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