International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

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Barbie come to live

If Puff should star in a barbie movie or any other movie, she will have no need for any make…

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Get your wrapper

Dextrad is a dream come true. I have never in my entire life seen a girl so young and beautiful…

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Tap into the energy

When I first came across Zhongying’s profile, I began to imagine which super star/model I could compare her to. She…

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The happy one

I can’t still believe I acted like a fool when I stumbled on May’s profile. I zoomed this beautiful Chinese woman picture, turned it…

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A Dame To Kill For

I had to wipe my eyes with cold water to be sure I am seeing clearly when I arrived on…

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Welcome to the ride

Xiaoning did drive me silly with her profile. This Chinese girl must be either be a crazily good driver or a pretty bad…

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