July 6, 2022


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China Christmas dating tips – staying in line with the Chinese tradition

Christmas is the highest Christian celebration in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ; this day is often observed as a public holiday in the many countries. The spirit of Christmas is that of sharing and presents a grand opportunity for you to spend time with your loved one. However, if you must date Asian girls, you need to understand that Chinese tradition dictates the behavior of beautiful young Chinese girls.

Chinese hot ladiesChristmas is not an official holiday in China meaning that schools and offices will remain open. Departmental stores in China often put up decorations to in the spirit of the season although this does not happen on a national level. Chinese New Year is China’s version of Christmas. Although Christmas is not a national celebration in China, dating websites in China often use this medium to create a bond between the Chinese hot ladies and western men by creating different messages on their websites and encouraging the men to send gifts to the ladies.

Sexy China girls are very close to their tradition and family and will try to put up their best behavior especially in public places. If you must take your Chinese girl on a date on a Christmas day, you need to keep it on a low key. In line with the Chinese tradition, Chinese girls will most certainly be uncomfortable when they are in a crowded place.

Spending Christmas with her family may also boost her love for you. If you have the intention to marry a Chinese wife, you have to first of all realize that the family of Chinese women has a great say in her relationship – literarily meaning that they can end your relationship with her that seems so perfect just by telling her not to marry you.

There are so many ways you can use Christmas to get your Chinese date to love you or take her to a deeper relationship without going against the Chinese tradition. Some of them are highlighted below;

1.Get her a gift

Celebrations present an opportunity for you to spoil your Chinese date with gifts. China girls loves it when a delivery guy stops on their door an hands them a box sent by their loved ones. The feeling is inexplicable. You do not have to break a bank to get her a gift because the fulfillment does not come from the size of the gift but from knowing that you have her in your heart.

2.Take her to see a movie

Sexy China girlsCinemas are usually very quiet and create room for emotional bonding between you and your Chinese date – particularly when a romantic thriller is being aired. If you have a Chinese girlfriend that has an ear for words, you can write her a poem if you do not have time or money for the movies. Note, you have to avoid taking her to movies that are stereotypical.

3.Share a cup of coffee

There are so many things that can be shared on a Christmas day and one of them is a cup of coffee. Instead of going to the loud parties and having your discussion muffled by the noisy environment, you can just decide to have a walk with your girlfriend. This quiet time together will enable the both of you to reassess what you have for each other – and one way to end a good reflection is by sipping from a cup of steaming coffee.

4.Be her lunch guest

It is possible that the reverse celebration may happen, that is, your girl inviting you to her house to spend the Christmas. If your Chinese girlfriend should ever invite you over to have lunch with her family on a Christmas day, you have no right to say NO. Chinese girls will only invite men whom they love for lunch and declining will hurt her feelings.