Chinese dating guide for beginners

If you are just visiting China and will be staying for a while, it is almost impossible to take out the having a beautiful Chinese bride from the big picture. A whole lot of stereotypes have to be dealt with in this case. Certainly, there are a whole lot of things you and your partner need to know to avoid running into surprises and some of them are listed below.

Asian dating1.The complications with sex

It is erroneously believed that all foreign men opt for dating in China do so for the sake of having sex with those innocent girls. There is no doubt that there are men like that but there are also honest ones who are out to marry their ladies. The reason why sex remains an issue – and the most talked about in Asian dating is because western culture allows casual sex in a relationships than in China. Relationships in China are usually arranged by the families of the guy and girl and are a serious issue and every other topic will be brought to the table except sex.

2.Dealing with a communal life

Foreigners who are just stepping off the plane with a China girl sexy photo, hoping to see her run into his arms at the airport can be forgiven for not being in tune with the Chinese tradition. One of the issues you will have to contend with in the long run is the pressures from her family members. The family of the girl plays a great role in China than they do in the western tradition – and they will have great expectations from you as a foreigner. Luckily, the parents of the girl can be heavily influenced by their neighbors, friends, grandparents and even the vegetable seller. Seek their face on landing in China and let them blow your trumpet.

3.Chinese parents dislike foreign men on the grounds of stability

If you judge the reaction of many Chinese parents rationally, you will get to understand that they often disapprove of their daughter’s relationship with a foreign man because they are less stable. Many foreigners enter China as expatriates and leave after some time, unlike their Chinese counterparts who are deeply rooted. The parents of beautiful Chinese sexy girls will take the pain to disapprove the relationship in the best interest of their sons or daughters to avoid potential heartbreaks.

4.Future decisions have to be made

beautiful Chinese sexy girlsIf you have scaled the initial hurdles of getting the hot girls of China to be certain of your stability, the next big decision that will need to be trashed out is where you want to raise your family – this could be in China or your home country but the ultimate decision has to come from the grandparents. Foreign men are liberating in this case especially for Chinese women who want to have a large family.

5.Be serious with your lessons

Lesson in this case does not refer to sitting in a classroom block and listening to someone talk without giving a hoot to your level of assimilation. When you are dating a Chinese woman, you have to take your time to learn her traditions and cultures, the dos and don’ts – this is the only way her parents will take you seriously and approve of your marriage. Imagine the joy your in-laws will have when you greet them in mandarin.

On a final note, cross cultural relationship is a double edge sword. Each of you have your different cultures which the other must learn to respect and also insist that theirs should not be ignored. If you are in it for a causal relationship, you can afford to be whimsical but if you are in it for marriage, it is a different ball game.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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