May 16, 2022

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Chinese Dating: Why a Chinese Girl Prefers Real Talk over Small Talk

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Small talks hold no significance for dating a Chinese girl, but real talk matters! Read on to find more details.

A lot of things happened in 2020 and a great change was observed in the dating scene. Most single men have now embraced online dating sites to find the Chinese girl of their dreams. Last year, it was noted that singles exchanged 40% more messages than the other year.

Apart from the increase in messages, the conversation in those messages has also changed. A lot of single people are also more interested in engaging themselves in more meaningful discussions. In Chinese dating sites, people prefer talking about current events, religion, family, and health.

Since this has slowly become a trend, it is crucial to know how to keep a meaningful conversation going. This can help a lot in developing relationships since many singles use the flow of conversation to determine if someone has potential. 

Now, you understand the importance of real talk in dating. It is time to learn ways on how to handle one when you are out on a date.

1.Let Her Feel That You Are Genuinely Interested 

If you consider dating a Chinese girl, you have to know what questions to ask to be able to engage them in a deep conversation. You need to put an effort into learning more about the person you are talking to. However, it should not seem like you are doing an interview.

Good eye contact goes a long way in having a good interaction since it allows both of you to concentrate more. It is also a nice way to flirt since eye contact shows you are attracted to her. 

2.Ask Meaningful Questions

To get significant responses, you need to ask your date purposeful questions. Asking potential Chinese mail order brides the right questions will give you a nice conversation. You can ask about their inspiration in life, what their goals are, or what motivates them to do their best.

If you meet someone timid, it could be hard to get answers if you do small talk. However, asking meaningful questions encourages them to talk about the things that they are passionate about. This is a good strategy to get any woman, including a Chinese girl to open up about themselves fast.

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3.Stay Positive

If you are looking for marriage in China, you should opt for more positive topics instead of negative ones when engaging with beautiful Chinese women. For instance, avoid talking about how you hate a colleague or dislike a friend.

The last thing your date wants is to have a cup of coffee with someone who complains or rants about different things. Choose positive topics that will make your conversation meaningful and interesting. 

4.Do Not Do All The Talking

Although it is mentioned that the conversation should keep going when you are on a date, it does not mean that you have to do most of the talking. For instance, you can share what you learned about Chinese dating marriage and ask for her ideas.
Let her tell stories and listen attentively. You should not try to outdo each other with your stories and experiences since you are on a date and not a contest.

5.Show Respect

It is good to show your humorous side with your date. However, you need to always remember not to criticize, judge, or impose. You should not abandon your date if you do not like the course of your date or like her after seeing her. You will not gain any benefit from being mean. 

You will likely meet someone who has strange quirks or different beliefs or opinions. You should not judge them if they like to put some ketchup on their steak. Moreover, even if you disagree with her opinions, you have to be open-minded and not impose your ideas.

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6.Make Your Date Feel Good About Herself

When you give compliments to your date, you put her in the best light. Nevertheless, you have to remember to be genuine. You will have difficulty having real talk if she feels that you are lying. 

Saying compliments could be a challenge since you would not want her to think that you are being untrue. Pointing out something good about a person that you have not known for a long time can be tricky.

Nevertheless, doing it is simple if you can do it right. You do not only help her build her confidence but you also learn a valuable interaction skill that you can apply in different situations. 

Moreover, complementing your date will make her feel special since it shows that you think highly of her. She can have the impression that you are a worthy man. China marriages give much importance to how a man is perceived.

Boosting her perception of herself will make you more attractive to her. She will be more willing to tell you more about herself and she will likely compliment you as well. As a result, your transition from this conversation to a deeper one will be smoother. 


Small talk holds no significance for singles in China dating sites. Truth be told, a lot is happening in the world and a lot of single people want to have real talk of the issues surrounding them. Most are turning to dating sites to share their opinions, and listen to other people’s ideas before they can decide on their potential date.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you cannot ask about other light topics. Of course, you can still enjoy some small talk, but don’t dwell on it for too long. We hope that the tips above help you initiate deeper conversations with Chinese girls on a dating site.